Student Accessibility Accommodations and Assistive Technology

Accessibility Accommodations and Assistive Technology

Western Michigan University is committed to creating a working and learning environment where all members of our community can thrive. As an educational institution, we strive to promote inclusivity by providing awareness and access to resources that promote accessibility to our online educational content. 

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology (AT) is any piece of hardware and/or software that acts as a user agent to provide functionality to meet the requirements of users with disabilities that go beyond those offered by mainstream technology delivery systems.  Common assistive technologies can include but are not limited to screen-reading and magnifying software products, large-key keyboards, alternative input devices such as touch screen displays, over-sized trackball s and joystick s, speech recognition programs, and text readers.





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Who uses Assistive Technology?

Anyone and everyone can interface with and benefit from the use of Assistive Technologies.  Assistive Technology helps people who have difficulty seeing, speaking, hearing, typing, writing, learning and remembering, pointing, walking, and other various barriers. Different disabilities require different Assistive Technologies. 

Though AT is designed to assist persons with barriers, anyone can benefit from them when employed properly.   Assistive Technologies can support the learning, independence, and quality of life for a person with a disability and can provide an effective method for access to the curriculum, active participation with peers, and a way to make progress towards educational goals. 

Assistive Technology support for WMU extended programs and online learning students brings together academic and technological resources to complement student coursework and computing needs, particularly in support of students with disabilities.

If you are a student and need additional information about the full suite of disability services offered to students, please visit the WMU Disability Support Services web page. 

eLearning Support

If you use Assistive Technology devices to access online content in the WMU eLearning management system, it is recommended that you visit the link below to review the following account setting recommendations.  Settings and options within your eLearning account can be adjusted to optimize your learning experience when utilizing Assistive Technology software and devices. 

eLearning account settings

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