Modern European Studies Minor

Looking up at the Eiffel Tower from the ground

Modern European studies minor (18 credits)

This minor may be organized around a general study of Europe, one of its regions, or some specific countries.


  • 18 hours with a minimum grade of C in all minor courses.
  • At least half of credits earned at the 3000 level or above.
  • Up to eight hours of study in a language spoken in Europe may be included in the minor requirements.
  • Appropriate study abroad courses are welcome.

Courses offered at WMU that may apply to this minor include, but are not limited to:

  • ENGL 3120–Western World Literature
  • ENGL 3300/10–British Literature I/II
  • FREN 3220–Life & Culture in France
  • GEOG 3830–Geography of Europe
  • GER 3220–German Life & Culture
  • GIST 3500–Conflict & Diplomacy in Europe (Study Abroad to France, Germany, Belgium)
  • HIST 1010–Modern Western World
  • HIST 3360–Women in European History
  • HIST 3618–Cold War to EU (WI)
  • PSCI 3400–European Politics
  • PSCI 4400–European Union
  • REL 2080–Religion in Europe
  • SPAN 3220–Life & Culture of Spain

For more information or printable information, please see the Modern European studies minor flier.