Please consider supporting the activities of the School of Environment, Geography, and Sustainability. Our goal is to provide experiential learning opportunities to all of our students in and out of the classroom, and your donations will positively impact student learning and career outcomes.

Your gifts will be used to fund experiences in classes such as:
  • field trips to local nature preserve to study ecology

  • visits to sites at the heart of local environmental issues to understand first-hand the complexities involved in crafting solutions

  • inviting eminent scholars and local activists to share experiences and expertise

  • taking students on the road to speak with local policy-makers and politicians

Outside the classroom gifts may be used to:
  • fund student attendance at workshops and conferences to develop competencies, pursue interests, and discover possible careers

  • prepare students to take full advantage of summer jobs and internships through professional development activities and workshops

  • cover hidden costs associated with travel, housing, and equipment needs associated with many job and internship opportunities to ensure equity and access for all of our students

Your generous financial support will improve the student experience and allow us to provide pathways to careers for our students. Please donate now!


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