Gwen Frostic Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Award in Environmental Studies

Application deadlines:

  • Oct. 4
  • Feb. 7


This program is intended to provide opportunities for environmental studies students at Western Michigan University to pursue hands-on research and creative activities outside of the classroom under the mentorship of an environmental studies faculty member. Work associated with the award may be conducted during the academic year or during the summer I and summer II sessions. Awards of up to $500 can be used to help defray the cost of a project. A total of $2000 will be available to be awarded each academic year. Preference will be given to students majoring in environmental studies, but all students with a major or minor in environmental studies are eligible to apply.

Application process

Submit applications as a Word document or PDF file to Dr. Steven Kohler. Applications consist of six sections:

  • Student information
    • Student's name
    • WIN number
    • Email address
    • Major(s) and minor (if applicable)
    • The name of the environmental studies faculty member who has agreed to mentor the project.
  • Project abstract
    • A brief (maximum one page) summary of the proposed project that captures the scope, methods and main contributions of the project.
  • Project description
    • A two-to-four page description of the proposed activity. Include a clear justification of the proposed project, how it will be accomplished, the expected outcomes of the activity and an anticipated timeline. If the project involves human subjects, animal use, radiation use or use of recombinant DNA, this should be described and evidence should be presented that the student is working with the faculty mentor to receive approval from the appropriate University committee.
  • Bibliography
    • All the references cited in the project description.
  • Budget
    • An itemized description of anticipated expenses for materials, supplies and travel and a statement indicating whether other sources of funds are available to help defray costs.
  • A letter of support from the faculty mentor
    • The letter should indicate that the faculty mentor has read the proposal and is willing to supervise and assist the student with the proposed activities.

Review process

Proposals will be reviewed by the environmental studies faculty. Preference will be given to proposals that involve scholarly research or creative activities rather than service or outreach projects. Incomplete proposals (i.e., missing one or more of the sections described above) will be returned without review to the applicant with an invitation to submit a completed proposal for the next deadline.