Map of campus highlighting Kohrman Hall

The following lots are closest to North Kohrman Hall for the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at Western Michigan University:

  • Lot #62 (“R” tag) Parking Services
  • Lot #39 (“R” tag) Trimpe Building
  • Lot #37 (“R” tag) North/South Kohrman
  • Lot #100 (“R” tag and parking meters for visitors)

When you enter North Kohrman you will be on the second floor. Our department office is located on the third floor at 3326 North Kohrman. Parking in the ramp is closer to South Kohrman. If you have a temporary “R” tag, you may park in the lots listed above. If you do not have an “R” tag, you must park in visitor parking or your vehicle will be ticketed or towed.