Grandparent Resource Site
The Grandparent Resource Site Grant provides a holistic system of services to grandparents, grandchildren and professionals with the goal of enhancing the abilities of kinship care families to foster school readiness in young children.

National Research Center on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
This is a collaborative initiative between Georgia State and Western Michigan universities which seeks to inform professionals, decision makers and the public on unique needs, challenges and strengths facing many custodial grandparent families.

Recent grant activity

Dr. Barbara Frazier, Fashion Merchandising and Design, and colleagues Dr. Leslie Stoel, Ohio State University and Dr. Linda Niehm, Iowa State University, received a $20,000 grant from the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development to examine the use of social media in small rural businesses.

Dr. Adam Manley, Workforce Education and Development, was awarded a $14,000 grant from the Michigan Department of Education to develop a professional development and teacher video series.

Drs. Adam Manley and Richard Zinser, Workforce Education and Development, were awarded a grant from the State of Michigan's Office of Career and Technical Education to update the Performance Based Teacher Education (PBTE) competencies.

International scholarship

Internationally, faculty over the past several years have conducted projects in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Germany, Ireland, Norway, the Mariana Islands, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

Faculty expertise and research

Karen Blaisure - Family Science

  • Military families, military family members, parents and military children
  • Youth and community development
  • Advisory boards

Charles Bruce - Workforce Education and Development

  • Teacher certification
  • Technical curriculum design
  • Educational technology

Jou-Chen Chen - Family Science

  • Immigrant families
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Adultification/parentification
  • Risk and resilience of individuals and families

Francisco Cordero - Foodservice Operations and Sustainability

  • Sustainable food operations
  • Local/regional food systems, food waste
  • Climate change

Bryce Dickey - Family Science

  • Advisory boards
  • Family life education certification
  • Teaching family life education

Kimberly Doudna - Famile Science

  • Food insecurity
  • Family stress/resilience
  • Child behavior
  • Co-parenting

Crystal Duncan Lane - Family Science

  • Family resilience
  • Instrument design
  • Experiences of women with stage IV breast cancer

Barb Frazier - Fashion Merchandising and Design

  • Rural business development
  • Social processes and entrepreneurial activity of rural retailers

Angel Gullón-Rivera - Family Science

  • Storytelling, social stories and narrative approaches
  • Attachment, self-worth and social understanding
  • Parenting education and community-university partnership
  • Family strengths and resilience
  • Immigrant families

Mary Beth Janssen - Interior Design

  • Design process
  • Color rendering
  • Interior design concept development

Beth Jarl - Interior Design

  • Team formation
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity

Robin Millar - Family Science

  • Collaboration with student organizations in the department and college for leadership

Adam Manley - Workforce Education and Development

  • Job competency and task development
  • Federal education legislation
  • Mixed methodologies research

Marcy Peake - Family Science

  • First generation college students
  • Youth and community development
  • Equity and inclusion

Berni Proeschl - Interior Design

  • Prefabricated construction
  • Sustainable construction methodologies
  • 20th center design and pop culture
  • Building information modeling

Arezoo Rojhani - Dietetics

  • Physical/sensory characteristics of food products
  • Food safety
  • Lifestle modifications on adult health outcomes
  • Diet and anemia in low-income pregnant women

Mary Simpson - Fashion Merchandising and Design

  • Collaborative learning
  • Teamwork and creativity
  • Learning and impact

Kelly Weathers - Fashion Merchandising and Design

  • Merchandising and promotion
  • Student organization mentorship

Caroline Webber - Dietetics

  • Clinical nutrition
  • Sustainability (food systems)
  • Food access and low-income households

Zee-Sun Yun - Fashion Merchandising and Design

  • Consumer well-being
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Assessment and evaluation in higher education

Richard Zinser - Workforce Education and Development

  • Workforce education and development
  • Community colleges
  • Work-based learning