Photo of Suzan Smith-Ayers
Chair, Professor
(269) 387-3713
Administrative Assistant I
(269) 387-3705
Photo of Karen Blaisure
Professor, Family Science
(269) 387-3663
Photo of Charles Bruce
Faculty Specialist I, Workforce Education and Development
(269) 387-3720
Photo of Jou-Chen Chen
Assistant Professor, Family Science
(269) 387-3727
Photo of Kimberly Doudna
Assistant Professor, Family Science
(269) 387-3702
Photo of Ángel Gullón-Rivera
Associate Professor, Family Science
(269) 387-3715
Photo of Melinda Holohan
Faculty Specialist II
(269) 387-3716
Photo of Adam Manley
Associate Professor, Workforce Education and Development
(269) 387-3721
Photo of Ping Ouyang
Assistant Professor, Nutition and Dietetics
(269) 387-3722
Photo of Arezoo Rojhani
Associate Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics, Undergraduate Program Director
(269) 387-3729
Photo of Karin Rourke
Instructor, Family Science
(269) 387-3734
Photo of Mary Simpson
Assistant Professor, Fashion Merchandising and Design
(269) 387-3711
Photo of Chitra Singh
Assistant Professor, Fashion Merchandising and Design
(269) 387-3719
Photo of Kelly Weathers
Faculty Specialist II, Fashion Merchandising and Design
(269) 387-3730
Photo of Meghan Wilkinson
Faculty Specialist II, Nutrition and Dietetics
(269) 387-3709
Photo of Zee-Sun Yun
Associate Professor, Fashion Merchandising and Design
(269) 387-3738