Workforce Education and Development

The Western Michigan University model for workforce education and development teacher education involves a core of professional education courses and an intern teaching experience taken by all WFED students, which is instructed and supervised by faculty from the College of Education and Human Development. Technical content requirements are delivered by faculty from the Colleges of Business, Engineering and Health and Human Services, depending upon the selected major or minor. However, all WFED undergraduate students must have a minimum of 122 credits for graduation.

This program offers a master's degree in workforce education and development and a Leadership Development Program to prepare future WFED administrators. Also available is a doctoral degree in educational leadership with a concentration in workforce education and development, delivered in partnership with Ferris State University.

Workforce education and development graduate students have undergraduate degrees in recognized areas of vocational education or applied science. Many areas of education and training, such as adult education, continuing education and occupational education and counseling, serve as excellent backgrounds for a graduate program in workforce education and development. Students take coursework in the following areas: student leadership development, classroom management, curriculum development, instructional evaluation, education and technology, instructional planning, adult education, at-risk and special needs populations, administration and supervision, school-community relations, work-site based education and school-to-work education.

workforce education and development offerings

  • Two career options—one in education or one in business or industry
  • Employment opportunities throughout the United States
  • Study with nationally-recognized professors
  • Meet workforce education and development students and teachers from related occupations
  • Participate in career and leadership development organizations
  • Opportunity to learn while you earn through supervised on-the-job experiences for WMU credit
  • Receive personalized assistance in finding a professional position by WMU professors and placement personnel

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