Dietetic students place first and second in poster competition

dietetic students Two groups of senior dietetic students presented posters at the Annual Conference of Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics held in Lansing at the end of April. One poster, titled “Comparison of Sensory Attributes, Water Activity, and Consumer Acceptability of Turkey Burgers Made with Varying Amounts of Aloe Vera Gel,” placed first in the poster competition. This poster was presented by students Kayla Carvey, Allison Dungey, Amber Herr, and faculty member Arezoo Rojhani. Another poster, titled, “Potassium Chloride as a Salt Substitute in Whole Wheat Bread,” authored by students, Andrea Noud, Courtney Waddell, Paige Winkler, and faculty member Arezoo Rojhani, placed second in the poster competition. dietetic students