Fall 2018 Fashion Merchandising and Design News Round-Up


Dr. Barbara Frazier, fashion merchandising and design faculty, recently received the 2018 Service Excellence Award from the International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA). The award recognizes sustained service to the ITAA organization.


Drs. Barbara Frazier and Zee-Sun Yun served on ITAA Curricular Development and Review Committee and attended the in-conference workshops "Preparing Your Program for TAPAC Accreditation: Understanding Standards and Self-Study Requirements” and "“Re-imagining the ITAA Meta-goals” in November 6, 2018.

Dr. Mary Simpson presented a personal design at the 2018 ITAA conference. It was recognized in the top 10% of entries. She also presented a poster "Teamwork and the Design Process Put into Action" at the 2018 ITAA conference. She served on two committees for ITAA Mounted Exhibit and Design Scholarship.

Kelly Weathers served on ITAA Teaching Innovation and Resource Committee and presented a poster "Advancing Textiles and Apparel Scholarship of Teaching and Learning" at the 2018 ITAA conference.


Simpson, M. (2018) Embracing the Future of Luxury Products Through Product Innovation, Quality Craftsmanship, Product Integrity, and Designer Training, ITAA Monograph #12: The Future of Luxury, 16-27.

Program Events

The Fashion Merchandising and Design program launched Borrello historic clothing collection with an inaugural exhibit in October 2018. Decades of Desire featured wedding garments from 1893 to 2017 along with brides’ photos and stories from their wedding day.