Fall 2019 FCS News Round-Up


Drs. Mary Simpson and Zee-Sun Yun presented a paper titled "How Team Learning Develops Students' Creative Potential" in 2019 International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) conference. 

Dr. Mary Simpson presented at the 2019 ITAA conference held in October 2019 a presentation titled, “An Exploration of the Fashion System in Transition: A Parisian Salon, The Soul of Fashion”.

Dr. Chitra Singh will present in ACRA conference 2020 held on March 25-27, 2020 in New Orleans, LA. Presentation is titled, “Are retail stores ready for aging women? Accommodating osteoarthritis with modifications for reduced reach and walking capability”. 

Dr. Angel L Gullon-Rivera presented at the National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference in November 2019. Presentation was titled, "Perspective on Family Strengths: Intergenerational Transmission of Fortalezas” among First Generation Latino Families. 

Dr. Marcy L. Peake will present "Aspiration to Action: Developing Culturally Agile Leaders and Staff" at the National Afterschool Association Convention in March 2020 in D.C.  One of five selected Community Showcase speaker (their version of a TED Talk) at the NAA conference.

Dr. Melinda (Mindy) Holohan was a co-presenter at the National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference Nashville, TN November 2019. Presentation title: How to communicate effectively with families about children's screen use and its impact on development and learning

Dr. Melinda (Mindy) Holohan was an invited speaker at Grand Valley State University Community Learning Center's Democracy 101 Series: Media literacy and you. October 2019.

Chen, J. C., Doudna, K., & Dickey, B. (2019, November). Lesson learned: Teaching Family Science undergraduate students with accommodations, Resource Exchange Roundtable, presented at the 81st National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference, Fort Worth, TX.

Chen, J. C. (2019, December). The Hurdles That Do Not Trip You Over, Invited Presentation, presented at a Professional Development Seminar, Department of Guidance and Counseling, National ChangHua University of Education, ChangHua, Taiwan. Host: Dr. Shu-Chu (Sharon) Chao

Chen, J. C. (2019, December). The Challenges of Asian Immigrant Families: Viewing the Impact of Parenting & Cultural Adaptation on the Well-being and Development of Immigrant Offspring Through the Cultural Contexts of The Families, Invited Lecture, presented at Special Topic Graduate Seminar, Department of Early Childhood and Family Education, National Taipei University of Education, Taipei, Taiwan. Instructor: Dr. Yi-Ching Lin

Kim Bucholz presented "Pathways to Sustainable Tiny Homes in Michigan" at the Innovate Michigan Summit 2019.

Dustin Altshul was a co-speaker at the Innovate Michigan Summer 2019 and presented "Pathways for Lifecycle Building Practices: Material Reuse in Tiny Home Construction."


Dr. Chitra Singh has published the following:

  • Hebert, P. R., Clare, G., Singh, C., Seangatith, R. & Chaiyakul, Y. (2019). Temporary Lighting Laboratories at Two Universities: Comparison of Methodologies for Research Projects in Thailand and USA, Journal of Building Energy & Environment (3) 43-56, ISSN: 2630-0796 3
  • Struckmeyer, K. M., Roberts, E., Gordon, S. R., Raczoski, B. M., & Singh, C. (2019). Barriers and strategies for engaging educators in family caregiver education. Journal of Extension, 57(6) 
  • Hebert, P. R., Clare, G., Singh, C., Seangatith, R. & Chaiyakul, Y. (2019). “Thai and American Temporary Lighting Laboratories: Comparison of Set-ups for University Research Projects.” Proceedings of the 6th Building Technology Alliance Conference on Energy and Environment (BTAC) ISBN 978-616-438-381-3, 41-49.

Dr. Angel L Gullon-Rivera has published the following:

  • Gullón‐Rivera, A. L., Millar, R., & Flemmings, S. A. (2019). Training Parents to Create and Implement Social Stories™: Promoting Social Competence in Children Without Disabilities. Family Relations, 68(4), 450-468.Gullón‐Rivera, A. L., Millar, R., & Flemmings, S. A. (2019). Training Parents to Create and Implement Social Stories™: Promoting Social Competence in Children Without Disabilities. Family Relations, 68(4), 450-468.

Kim Bucholz has published the following:

  • 2019 Section 2: Material Reuse and Innovation in Tiny House Design; Pathways for Lifecycle Building Practices: Material Reuse in Tiny Home Construction 2019 Co-Learning Plan Series U.S. EDA University Center for Regional Economic Innovation Center for Community and Economic Development Michigan State University Paper. View the publication.


Dr. Adam Manley and Chuck Bruce are continuing their grant work with the Federal Aviation Administration technical operations to revise their training materials.

Dr. Ping Ouyang was awarded a $3000 grant from the Toms Family and Consumer Sciences Research endowment fund at WMU for a research project that will be carried out in collaboration with Allegan County Area Technical & Education Center.

Dr. Mary Simpson, Dr. Zee-Sun Yun, and Kelly Weathers have been selected for funding of $21,989 from Cotton Incorporated to do the project entitled "Cotton Knowledge and Sustainability from Classroom to Community."

Other news

Drs. Arezoo Rojhani and Ping Ouyang are working on calculating the Healthy Eating Index Score of food records collected from pregnant women who participated in a research project carried out at the Family Health Center WIC Office and examined the relationship between nutrition knowledge, prevalence of anemia and food intake of pregnant women participating in the WIC program.

Dr. Arezoo Rojhani is collaborating with dietitians at the Borgess Hospital on a research project that will examine the relationship between provisions of two frozen well-balanced meals (leftovers on the trayline from lunch and dinner) for thirty days on nutritional status and hospital re-admission rates of low-income, food insecure patients.

Dr. Caroline Webber is participating in two Interprofessional Education faculty teams with WMU Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine to design curriculum case studies on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (A.L.S.) and gestational diabetes.

Dr. Caroline Webber is leading a nutrition evaluation of the Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes' child weekend food backpack program, with Drs. Ping Ouyang and Kimberly Doudna and dietetic interns.

The IDSO student organization won a $1000 stipend for competing among the WMU student organizations last fall.

The interior design program exhibited their Luminaire projects from Beth Jarl's color & lighting course in the MIX event in November 2019. This event is sponsored by the Southwest Michigan First organization.

As a member of the Excellent Center of Youth and Community Development, Dr. Jou-Chen Chen submitted three Community Development Education Innovation Mini-Grants in fall 2019 and plans to collaborate with the WMU Assessment Center and Kalamazoo Community Foundation on a new research project in spring 2020.

Dr. Angel Gullón-Rivera is serving on the assessment committee at the local community organization, El Concilio, planning and developing effective strategies to evaluate program outcomes and effective practices.