Family sciences and services track courses

  1. The Family Science and Services track includes a minimum of 32 credit hours, half of which must be in courses at the 6000-level or higher, and at least two hours of FCS 7100 Independent Research.
  2. Students who wish to obtain the Provisional Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) designation offered by the National Council on Family Relations may take the Certified Family Life Educator Exam through the National Council on Family Relations.
  3. Schedule an advising appointment with the Graduate Advisor soon after notification of admission.
  4. Family Science and Services Coursework –Family Science Graduate Advisor/Coordinator approval of course selection is required. Courses are three credit hours unless otherwise noted.

                     FCS 6410 Advances in Youth and Community Development

                     FCS 6420 Building Capacity/Quality in Youth and Community Development

                     FCS 5110 Kinship Care Family Members: Strengths and Challenges [only online]

                     FCS 5120 Ed Systems & KCF (1 cr hr) [only online]

                     FCS 5130 Health Care & KCF (1 cr hr) [only online]

                     FCS 5140 Economic Realities & KCF (1 cr hr) [only online]

                     FCS 6570 Developing Effective Programming for KCF [only online]

                     FCS 5680 Gender, Culture, and Families

                     FCS 6010 Basic Research Methods

         Choose One Family Science Course:

                     FCS 5350 Communication Skills

                     FCS 6510 Child Dev: Theories & Practice

                     FCS 6530 Families, Loss, and Bereavement

                     FCS 6550 Adult-Child Relationships

                     FCS 6600 Studies in Family Relationships

                     FCS 6220 Practicum (2-6 cr hr)

        Choose One: (3 – 6 credit hours)

                     FCS 7100 Independent Research (2-6 cr hr)

                     FCS 7000 Master’s Thesis (6 cr hr)

Choose One Elective Course: Choose from course work in Family Science, Public Affairs and Administration, Organizational Change Leadership, Workforce Education and Development, or Youth and Community Development. Master’s Thesis credit or additional credits in FCS 6220 and/or FCS 7100 may be taken in lieu of an elective course.