Internships in Family Science and Human Development

Attention Family Science & Human Development Learning Community: Please review the following for details on internship course adaptations, registration, and placement requirements for Spring 2024.

Getting Started

Professional experience coursework and placements are designed to provide students with opportunities to apply skills, identify personal strengths and areas for growth, demonstrate professional competencies, develop professional resources and explore a diverse array of careers within the field of Family Science.

FCS 2020 field experience 

The Family Science section of FCS 2020: Field Experience was retired from the curriculum beginning fall 2022. Students in previous catalog years may reach out to CEHD academic advising for program-approved course substitutes.

Internship in Family Science and Human Development (six credits)

Family Studies, Child and Family Development, and Youth and Community Development majors complete a six-credit internship experience as part of their program of study. Internships offer students the opportunity to apply theories and principles from their academic program to real world situations and to synthesize their professional learning and preparation within a seminar-style, asynchronous online course. Internship may be completed during fall, spring, or a combination of summer I and II semesters. Students must have successfully completed 88 credits and any prerequisites (as established by catalog year) prior to beginning internship.

Beginning Fall 2022, FCS 4290 Internship (a course with sections used by multiple FCS programs) will be replaced by FCS 4295 Internship in Family Science and Human Development (a course specific to the Family Science and Human Development program area). This change applies to students in all Family Science majors across all catalog years. 


Please contact Mindy Holohan.