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Level 1: Foundations

Oral and Digital Communication (ODC)
  • GEOG 2650: Our Digital Earth: An Introduction to Geospatial Technologies

Level 2: Exploration and Discovery

Scientific Literacy with a Lab (LS)
  • GEOG 1050: Physical Geography*
  • GEOG 2250: Introduction to Meteorology and Climate*
Science and Technology (ST)
  • GEOG 1000: World Ecological Problems*
  • GEOG 2440: Economic Geography
  • GEOG 3010: Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)*
  • GEOG 3030: Geographic Inquiry
  • GEOG 3060: Climate: Past, Present, and Future*
  • GEOG 3500: Conservation and Environmental Management*
Societies and Culture (SC)
  • GEOG 1020: World Geography through Media and Maps
  • GEOG 2560: Introduction to Urban, Regional, and Environmental Planning*
  • GEOG 3200: Culinary Tourism**

Level 3: Connections

Global Perspectives (GP)
  • GEOG 3400: Cultural Tourism
  • GEOG 3550: Contemporary Issues in Resource Management
  • GEOG 3800: United States and Canada
  • GEOG 3880: Latin America*
  • GEOG 3860: Geography of Africa*
  • GEOG 3900: China, Japan, and Korea: Lands and Cultures

*Fulfills additional requirement for Planetary Sustainability
**Fulfills additional requirement for Diversity and Inclusion


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  • Dr. Chansheng He has received the Distinguished Fulbright-University of Leeds Scholar Award and will spend his 2022-23 sabbatical leave at University of Leeds for academic exchange, teaching and collaborative research
  • Professor Chansheng He honored with the American Association of Geographers (AAG) Water Resources Specialty Group Distinguished Career Award in Water Resources
  • Dr. Chansheng He honored as a Fellow of the American Association of Geographers (AAG)
  • WMU presents 2021 Emerging Scholar Award to Dr. Adam Mathews 
  • WMU Department of Geography, Environment, and Tourism received the 2019 M.S./M.A. Program Excellence Award from the American Association of Geographers (AAG)