Advisory Council

  • A group photo of the advisory council with graduating seniors

    Members of the Advisory Council congratulate the department's graduating class of undergraduates!

  • Members of the Advisory Council congratulate the department's graduating class of graduate students!

  • Advisory Council with students

    Advisory Council members congratulate graduate student Neal Turluck and undergraduate student Raigen Blake on being the 2018 recipients of the Envirologic Technologies scholarship.

  • A group of four men have a discussion in a board room

    As part of the Advisory Council meeting, council members and CAS Manager of Marketing and Communications, Michael Worline, discussed opportunities for updating the department's Lloyd J. Schmaltz Geology and Mineral Museum.

  • Students have a discussion with advisory council members

    Graduate students provide feedback on the museum renovation project in a breakout session at the Advisory Council meeting.

The Advisory Council for the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Western Michigan University advises the department on the formulation of long-term educational plans and ensures that the academic programs meet today's industry needs.

The Council is the oldest active advisory council at Western Michigan University. The council members are distinguished industry and academic professionals in geosciences and business who have worked throughout the U.S. and the world, all of whom have a strong interest in helping to strengthen and support Geological and Environmental sciences at Western Michigan University. The council's tasks can be summarized as follows:

  • Advise the department regarding curriculum meeting current industry and employment trends.
  • Assist in producing environmental and geological sciences graduates who are well-prepared for employment and leadership roles. See our "Recommendations to Applicants in Search of Geosciences Positions."
  • Provide guidance to students through informal meetings and events.
  • Advocate departmental needs and activities to the University administration.
  • Collaborate with the University Office of Development and Alumni Relations on fundraising campaigns that support departmental activities.

Advisory COUNCIL officers

Advisory COUNCIL Members

  • Diana Morton-Thompson, C.P.G., P.G.
    Retired Member, Earth Resources International, LC 
    Phone: (269) 343-1181
  • Kyle Patterson
    President, Rogue Geosciences
    Phone: (281) 740-1351
  • Lisa Phillips
    Owner/President, Phillips Environmental Consulting Services, Inc.
    Phone: (269) 501-5079
  • Thomas Robyn, Ph.D.
    Phone: (303) 909-0173
  • Chris Roth
    Owner/President, Roth Professional Geology, LLC 
    Phone: (727) 741-1794
  • Brian Shaw, Ph.D.
    Senior Technical Advisor, Strategic Analysis Incorporated
  • Kim Steinmann
    Phone: (269) 870-0370

Emeritus members

  • William B. Harrison, III, Ph.D.
    MGRRE Research Director and Emeritus Professor of Geosciences, WMU
    Phone: (269) 387-8691
  • Thomas Straw, Ph.D.
    Emeritus Professor of Geosciences, WMU
  • John Yellich, C.P.G.
    Director, Michigan Geological Survey
    Phone: (269) 387-8649
  • Thomas C. Kamin
    Independent Petroleum Production Geologist
    Phone: (972) 874-5050
  • Ronald Parker
    Retired President, Associated Earth Sciences, Inc.
    Phone: (425) 766-6812