• 2019 department picture

    2019 Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences

    Taken in the rock garden outside of Rood Hall, this photo features our current faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, and the departmental Utahraptor!

The Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Western Michigan University is a growing center for geologic education and research. The department is home to 26 full-time faculty and research staff members, in addition to 100+ undergraduate students, 70+ graduate students, several international academic visitors and collaborators. Emeritus faculty with long, distinguished service to the department are also a vital component of our academic research environment. The department's research is focused on geologic mapping, groundwater, energy utilizing the applied geophysics, hydrogeology, remote sensing, paleoclimate studies and subsurface sample coring and characterization. In recent years, the department has extended its scope to new frontiers of earth science, including space and planetary sciences, astrobiology, airborne geophysics and energy reservoir characterization.

The research facilities of the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences are spread across several locations: Rood Hall, Wood Hall and Haenicke Hall on the main campus and the Michigan Geological Repository for Geologic Education and Research, located off-campus. This 27,000 square foot core repository and research center is the largest facility in the Great Lakes area. The Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences also houses the  Michigan Geological Survey, which is the official geological resource for the state of Michigan. The department includes eleven active research laboratories, such as earth science remote sensing, stable isotopes and carbonate sedimentology and characterization, all of which are state-of-the-art analytical facilities.

We offer a variety of academic programs for college students and professionals seeking education in earth sciences, environmental science, resource exploration and recovery. Through its national and international collaborators, the department highly encourages off-campus joint internships and training opportunities for students in diverse, fundamental and applied research fields. Our efforts, and the determination of students, have led to the placement of alumni in prestigious national and international institutions. We encourage the enrollment of highly qualified and motivated students and are proud of our alumni who are working in a wide range of geological and environmental sciences professions.