The Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Western Michigan University takes great pride in the sense of community that we have maintained since our founding in 1965. Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to provide much needed financial support to students - in 2023, we awarded nearly $30,000 in direct student scholarships and supported additional students through research and travel. Your contribution enriches the experiences of current and future students, faculty, and staff by creating diverse and inclusive opportunities for scholarships, research, fellowships, field experiences and more. Please consider making a gift to the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at WMU today. 

When you are ready to make your gift, please click the link below to give online. You can specify one or more of the endowments below when making your donation.

If you would like to make a gift in memory of Dr. Lloyd Schmaltz, there are three endowments in his name. The Lloyd Schmaltz Quasi-Endowment provides direct student support through the Lloyd and Marilyn Schmaltz MGRRE Scholarship. The Roger and LuAnne Steininger Geology Scholarship in honor of Dr. Lloyd Schmaltz supports undergraduate majors in our department. And the Lloyd Schmaltz Geology Museum Fund supports exhibits, renovations, and operations of the department's museum and dinosaur park. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Schmaltz, his family, and his friends for setting up these funds that have provided critical support to generations of students.

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Go where it is needed most:

  • The Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences unrestricted fund allows the department to choose how funds will be spent to best benefit current students, faculty, staff, and operations.

Support students through scholarships or other direct funding:

  • The Alan E. Kehew Endowment funds student scholarships to support field research, conference travel, or field camp.
  • The Christopher J. Schmidt Endowment supports undergraduate field study, preferably structural geology or any hard rock geology.
  • The Laton-Lambright Field Camp Endowment funds student scholarships for the WMU hydrogeology field course. 
  • The Ronald B. Chase Endowment supports student attendance at summer field camps. 
  • The Mohamed I. Sultan Endowment supports student travel and research in remote sensing and hydrogeology.
  • The Richard Passero Endowment provides support for student research and scholarship.
  • The Tom Straw Endowment supports undergraduate geoscience students in the form of scholarships.
  • The Geosciences Graduate Student Scholarship Fund supports a graduate student completing a thesis or dissertation in the area of sedimentary geology or stratigraphy with potential applications to oil, gas or mineral exploration.
  • The John and Kelly Grace Endowment funds scholarships to undergraduate students studying science education, mineralogy, petrology, economic geology or crystallography.
  • The Lloyd and Marilyn Schmaltz Quasi-Endowment promotes educational and research activities of students and faculty, including student scholarships.
  • The Shirley J. Aiken Geosciences Scholarship funds a student scholarship for an upper-level undergraduate with preference given to a geochemistry student interested in mining and minerals. 
  • The William and Linda Harrison Endowment funds scholarships for Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education (MGRRE) students. 
  • The Core of Four Endowment for Geosciences funds student scholarships for undergraduate students completing geology core courses.
  • The Douglas Daniels Endowment funds student scholarships to an undergraduate junior or above with a geology major.
  • The Envirologic Technologies Endowment funds student scholarships to full-time students with special consideration given to first generation college students with socioeconomic obstacles, educational disadvantages and disabilities.
  • The Peter J. Kaczor Geology Scholarship provides scholarships to junior undergraduate students.
  • The Roger and LuAnne Steininger Geology Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Lloyd Schmaltz funds student scholarships to undergraduate majors with junior or senior status who demonstrate financial need. 
  • The W. David Kuenzi Memorial Geology Endowment funds student travel to meetings, presentations and conferences. 
  • The Randall Kerhin Graduate Endowment funds student scholarships to full-time graduate students.

Support departmental outreach, research, alumni relations, or other operations:

  • The CoreKids Geosciences Endowment supports the CoreKids program with funding for specific events, student stipends, travel support, and educational activities.
  • The Kathy Wright Endowment supports a broad range of teaching, research and outreach activities to empower the department and sustain its operations.
  • The Geosciences Advisory Council Quasi-Endowment was established by the Advisory Council to advance student development activities.
  • The Lloyd Schmaltz Geology Museum Endowment supports the Schmaltz Museum upkeep and maintenance, exhibits, personnel, and staff.