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As a student in the certificate program in hydrogeology at Western Michigan University, you will gain the field, technical and analytical skills that prepare you for successful careers in hydro- and environmental geology. Students will learn the principles and practices of aquifer testing and analysis, contaminant transport and remediation, drilling and water well design, installation and development and near-surface geophysics. Students will also practice water, soil, gas and sediment sampling, field geochemistry, scientific writing, proper data collection, field documentation, scientific presentation and analysis. Through online and field courses, students will gain the knowledge, as well as the ability to carry out relevant field techniques and develop technical and problem-solving skills.

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UAVs applications in geological and environmental sciences

The Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences jointly with the College of Aviation (COA) at Western Michigan University is offering a nine credit hour certificate in the geological and environmental applications of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The certificate program provides a comprehensive understanding of the available geophysical and remote sensing sensors mounted on UAVs, and training on the acquisition of the UAV observation and their applications in addressing geological and environmental problems of interest such as mapping of environmental hazards (e.g., algal bloom distribution, contaminant releases, flood assessment, landslides, fire and volcano monitoring), and mapping of natural resources (water, mineral, forestry, vegetation intensity and type, and wildlife).

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