Photo of Mohamed Sultan
Chair, Professor, Remote sensing
(269) 387-5487
Photo of Andrew Caruthers
Faculty Specialist, Paleoclimate research and mass extinctions
Photo of Dan Cassidy
Associate Professor, Contaminant remediation
(269) 387-5324
Photo of Mine Dogan
Assistant Professor, Environmental geophysics
(269) 387-5337
Photo of Robb Gillespie
Assistant Professor
(269) 387-5364
Photo of Johnson Haas
Associate Professor, Geochemistry and planetary science
(269) 387-2878
Photo of Duane Hampton
Associate Professor, Physical hydrogeology
(269) 387-5496
Photo of William Harrison
Director of MGRRE, Professor Emeritus, Michigan basin geology
(269) 387-8691
Photo of Stephen E. Kaczmarek
Assistant Professor, Carbonate petrology
(269) 387-5479
Photo of Alan E. Kehew
Professor, Glacial geology and hydrogeology
(269) 387-5495
Photo of Michelle Kominz
Professor, Basin analysis
(269) 387-5340
Photo of Carla Koretsky
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
(269) 387-4372
Photo of R.V. Krishnamurthy
Professor, Isotope geochemistry
(269) 387-5501
Photo of Heather Petcovic
Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Professor, Geoscience education
(269) 387-4321
Photo of Matt Reeves
Associate Professor, Hydrogeology
(269) 387-5493
Photo of Bill Sauck
Professor Emeritus
(269) 387-4991
Photo of Joyashish Thakurta
Assistant Professor, Igneous petrology and economic geology
(269) 387-3667
Photo of Peter Voice
Faculty Specialist, Sedimentology and stratigraphy
(269) 387-5488