Dispatches from the Field: Anthony Boxleiter

Anthony Boxleiter (M.S. 2015)

Before graduating with his M.S. in geosciences in 2015, Anthony Boxleiter had already secured an exciting position in the mining industry out West as an Analytical Chemist at Imerys.

What are your professional responsibilities?
Exploration, research and development, mine planning, lab-based mineralogy and geochemistry.

Describe a typical day on the job (if there is such a thing!):
I work on new projects every day, such as supporting exploration and R&D. I also utilize new instruments every day, such as TEM, SEM, XRD, XRF, etc.

What is the most unique aspect of this job?
Working with a wide variety of instruments and equipment in support of every step involved in mining.

What has been your biggest professional accomplishment at this job?
Specialization training (internal and external) for Transmission Electron Microscopy and Polarizing Light Microscopy.

What are your future plans? Where do you hope to be in five years?
I could see myself in the same role in five years. I couldn’t be happier with my role. I can, however, see myself also filling a more geological role in the field with exploration efforts.

Final thoughts?
The Silicon Valley is an odd place to be working in the mining industry, but I sure can’t complain about the opportunity to be in such an amazing place and with great weather to boast!