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Replica Spinosaurus sculpture - $8,000 | Replica Brachiosaurus sculpture - $12,000 | Replica Parasaurolophus sculpture - $6,000

Donate a dinosaur

Have you ever wanted to buy a dinosaur?

Purchase and install dinosaur tracks - $100 per track

Here is your chance - the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences is constructing a Dinosaur Park on the northeast side of Rood Hall that will be a vibrant addition to the university community. The Park will serve as an aesthetic, three-dimensional, museum exhibit that demonstrates an important era in Earth history. It will become a central hub for laboratory and classroom exercises in a variety of general education and upper level geology courses. The Park exhibits will incorporate real-world data from many sub-disciplines of geoscience. This will provide a hands-on learning opportunity where students can explore several different aspects of the Mesozoic world.

Assisting with project funding will mean donors can purchase a variety of items for Dinosaur Park. Purchased items will be installed in the Donor’s name (or on behalf of an individual or business). Purchase and installation prices are located below each item. They include: 

  • Various scaled replica dinosaurs, to be placed throughout the park; ii) dinosaur trackways, where a series of replica footprints will be installed according to species and actual stride length (i.e. running, walking, etc.)
  • Living flora (such as Cycads, Conifers, and Gingkoes) which represent hold-over species from Mesozoic time.
  • General construction costs; monetary contributions will be used to fund the necessary materials and labor involved with building Dinosaur Park.


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