Current and proposed sketches of the mineral collections in the Lloyd Schmaltz Museum, located in the lobby of Rood Hall at Western Michigan University.


What happens to the beautiful Olympic stadiums and facilities of yesteryear?

The answer is that they often become lost to the burden of yearly maintenance costs and eventually succumb to state of disrepair. Planning to cover yearly maintenance costs of the Schmaltz Museum is just as important as the initial investment of its displays. The Schmaltz Museum of Earth History has received an endowment that is dedicated to long-term care and maintenance of its many displays and exhibits. The long-term goal is for this endowment to expand its principal, and be able to hire a student intern curator that will run museum tours, maintain displays, and organize the collection. Like-minded donors can choose to contribute directly to the endowment, which will not only allow us to increase the yearly maintenance budget, but will also improve the level of care for the various entities, helping to ensure the longevity of the Schmaltz Museum giving.


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