Hydrogeology Field Course Tuition and Fees

The Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences' Hydrogeology Field Course (HFC) at Western Michigan University is a valuable investment for geosciences students and professionals. Most participants report that as a result of completing this applied coursework they were able to secure jobs or advance their current positions. The cost of enrolling in the HFC is comprised of tuition, reservation deposit, course fees, and WMU fees, listed below.


The HFC is offered as a regional site program. 

View tuition rates here.

Rates are set by program of study (undergraduate or graduate), total credit hours, and by residency (Michigan resident or non-resident). Expand either the Undergraduate or the Graduate link and then view rates by your residency status.

Note: Tuition rates are subject to change per the decision of the WMU Board of Trustees.


In addition to tuition, HFC participants are responsible for reservation deposit, course and regular WMU fees.

  • Reservation Deposit: A reservation deposit of $100 for each week you are enrolling must accompany each registration application. This deposit will be refunded if acceptance is not granted. Following notification of acceptance, however, this deposit will be non-refundable.
  • Course Fee: A course fee is required for each week (credit hour) taken and will appear on your bill from WMU. Your $100 per week reservation deposit will be subtracted from the course fees shown below:
    • GEOS 5230–HAZWOPER: $325 course fee ($225 after reservation deposit)
    • All other modules: $225 course fee per credit hour ($125 per credit hour after reservation deposit)
    • Total course fees for a student taking all six weeks (six credit hours) of the HFC are $1,450 (reservation deposit plus course fees)
  • Click here to view other regular WMU fees assessed by program (expand the appropriate field to view fees, either Undergraduate or Graduate).

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