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ARC Science Omniglobes

ARC Science OmniGlobe | Photos courtesy of ARC Science Simulations Inc.

ARC Science OmniGlobe

What is it?

ARC Science Omniglobe

Photo courtesy of ARC Science Simulations, Inc.

The Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences is proud to unveil a captivating new educational resource that rivals/outcompetes a flat screen learning experience by demonstrating our solar system, neighboring planets, and earth’s 4.5 billion years of evolution! This interactive three-dimensional spherical display can utilize a variety of geologic, geographic, and atmospheric data to provide accurate and realistic visualizations that demonstrates many areas of the Earth system.

The Omni Globe exhibit will be displayed in the lobby of Rood Hall where it will be a central component of the Schmaltz Museum of Earth History. A rotating series of topics will be featured on the Omni Globe. These topics will help to facilitate instruction around challenging geological concepts and will become a central component to student learning at general and advanced levels. For more information about the Omni Globe, please visit the following link: which highlights the functionality of this interactive device.


We anticipate a total budget of $100,000 to purchase and maintain a mid-sized OmniGlobe.


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