Internationalization Initiative

Video of Innovating to Expand Student International Experiences

The American Council in Education aids in innovations at higher education institutions to expand student international experiences.

Commitment to internationalization

Proposed by WMU Faculty Senate's International Education Council and the Haenicke Institute for Global Education, "Internationalizing the Student Experience: Preparing Students for a Globalized World" was officially adopted by the Faculty Senate in 2016. 

The Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement at the American Council on Education defines comprehensive internationalization as "a strategic, coordinated process that seeks to align and integrate policies, programs, and initiatives to position colleges and universities as more globally oriented and internationally connected institutions." 

The initiative proposes a three-pronged approach for broad internationalization of the student experience:

  1. Increase and enhance study abroad opportunities.
  2. Focus even more strongly on international recruitment.
  3. Enrich the educational experience for all students on campus.
WMU Framework for Comprehensive Internationalization 

2016 Internationalization Initiative

Internationalizing the Student Experience: Preparing Students for a Globalized World