Photo of Cari Robertson
Director, Health Promotion and Education
(269) 387-3529
Photo of Ann Banghart
Administrative Assistant II
(269) 387-3263
Photo of Janay Christian
Assistant Director, Mental Well-being
(269) 387-3263
Photo of Alana Hague
Coordinator, Sexual Assault Prevention Education
(269) 387-2990
Photo of Sabbi Merz
Assistant Director, Health Promotion and Education
(269) 387-3257
Photo of Maddy Mularski
Navigation Specialist, Fitness and Wellness
(269) 387-3263
Photo of Faith Nielsen
Coorindator, Mental Wellness
(269) 387-3263
Photo of Courtney Perkins
Coordinator, Alcohol and Other Drugs Education
(269) 387-3302
Photo of Samantha Weaver
Coordinator, Sexual Health Education
(269) 387-3263