Alcohol and Other Drugs Risk Reduction

The goal of our alcohol and other drugs risk-reduction program is to provide comprehensive programming and resources for the prevention and reduction of alcohol and drug-related harms. We do this by utilizing evidence-based approaches that focus on environmental strategies and high-risk behavior. For more information, call (269) 387-3263.

How to be safe and responsible

graphic of solo cup measurementWhat to know

  • Do the math:
    one drink = 12 oz. beer
    one drink = 4 to 5 oz. of wine
    one drink = 1 oz. of hard alcohol
  • High Risk drinking is defined as consuming five or more drinks on one occasion
  • Our body metabolizes approximately one alcoholic drink per hour—there is no way of speeding it up


  • Do the math: 1-3 hours for full effect, 4-6 hour duration depending on THC level
  • Edibles are highly potent and can have a greater risk for negative effects 
  • Use slowly and in a safe environment                                                                                                          

Making safe choices

  • Drink no more than one drink per hour
  • Follow dosage levels on Cannabis labels for edibles
  • If you are going somewhere, make sure to have a designated driver
  • Try not to drink or use when you are having emotional distress—do something else: exercise, call a friend, read a book or find a way to relax

Plan ahead

  • Eat before you drink anything
  • Ask a friend to keep an eye on you
  • Set a limit 
  • Prepare your refusal strategies