Get Involved

Our office has many opportunities to get involved! We have three Peer Education programs including Mental Health, Sexual Health and Sexual Assault Prevention. Peer Educators facilitate events and workshops across campus based on their chosen health topic. The average time committment of being a Peer Educator is about 5 hours per week, but can be more or less depending on how involved you want to be. Schedules can be flexible around your school, work, or other commitments. 

We are currently accepting applications to be a Peer Educator beginning in the Spring 2024 semester. Apply to be a Peer Educator on ExperienceWMU

Students who participate in any of our Peer Education programs can receive:

  • National Peer Educator Certification
  • WMU Signature Credit
  • Academic credit
  • Professional development including public speaking and event coordination
  • Volunteer or service-learning hours
  • Sexual Assault Peer Educators

    Sexual Assault Peer Educators (FIRE; Fighting Ignorance and Rape through Education) are WMU students who are highly trained on educating around the issue of sexual assault and in helping survivors, their families, and friends. Students will have the opportunity to participate in peer education, program/event planning, providing supportive services and other awareness/education activities. The FIRE Place is a resource and support center that addresses the issues of sexual assault and other bias incidents. Bias incidents are those negative things that may happen to us because of who we are (skin color, gender, sexual orientation etc.) FIRE Place Support Staff will receive extensive training in which they will learn how to provide support and function as an advocate for those who have been affected by some form of violence.

  • Sexual Health Peer Educators

    Sexual Health Peer Educators (Sexperts) are WMU students who are highly trained to educate and advocate around the issue of inclusive and accessible sexual health education. Students will have the opportunity to participate in peer education, presentations, ongoing learning and professional development, programs and event planning, and other educational activities. Sexual health peer educators provide their peers with non-judgmental and inclusive information and with skills needed to make healthier choices about sex and relationships.

  • Mental Health Peer Educators

    Our Mental Health Peer Education program is a space for students to brainstorm and collaborate on fun and meaningful ways to educate the WMU community about mental wellbeing. Mental Health Peer Educators are highly trained and educated to teach their peers about suicide prevention, how to assess their overall wellness, to engage in healthy coping skills to improve and maintain their mental wellbeing, and to share mental health and wellbeing resources that are available to the WMU community. Mental Health Peer Educators offer their knowledge to the WMU campus community through educational programming such as tabling events, interactive presentations, and partnering with WMU Departments and RSOs in providing wellness programming.

Can't commit to being a Peer Educator but still want to get involved? 

Students can still get involved in our office through job-shadowing, volunteering for a specific event or program, attending our events and workshops, and more! If you want to get involved but aren't sure where to start, please contact our office at or 269-387-3263.