Bystander Intervention

Western Heroes

Western H.E.R.O.E.S. is a bystander intervention program that encourages members of the Western Michigan University community to step up and create a safe and inclusive campus environment. The program empowers participants to overcome the bystander effect when they find themselves in situations where unhealthy behavior can lead to harm.

Bystander effect: The more people there are around a situation or crisis, the less likely someone is to help.

We counteract the bystander effect when we:

  • Notice what is Happening
  • Evaluate the situation
  • Take Responsibility to be the one to do something
  • Obtain the Education to know how to safely intervene
  • Step up and make a difference

group students and staff wearing Heroes t-shirts and displaying pride on the WMU campus

Become a Western Hero

The bystander intervention program offers training to the campus community upon request.

During training participants discuss the bystander effect, examine the obstacles that get in the way of people intervening, create strategies to get around their own obstacles, and practice and develop specific intervention skills that increase confidence, motivation, and the frequency of stepping up!


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