History Day 2016 Results

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District #6

Thank you to all 244 student competitors in this year's District 6 Competition on March 5, 2016.

Next competition dateMarch 4, 2017

Previous results: 2015

Below are the 2016 State qualifiers (state results are in bold).


Youth Individual Documentary

  1. “Nunna-da-ul-tsun-yi”
    by: Colin Feucht, Kazoo School (3rd Place)
  2. “Abe Lincoln”
    by: Piper Balmer, Gordon Elementary
  3. “Jonas Salk: Exploring Disease and Defeating Polio”
    by: Julia Mosier, Gagie (1st Place - Best Entry in Use of Primary Sources - Sponsored by the Michigan Archival Association)

Youth Group Documentary

  1. "Jamestown"
    by: Killiam Bies, Brayden Goss, Kooper Lewis, Josh Pugh, Marshall
  2. "Exploring Submarines"
    by: Connor Conklin, Ashton Fields, South Haven (Third Place)
  3. "Amelia Earhart"
    by: Jenna Rissi, Nora Nash, Marshall

Junior Individual Documentary

  1. “Story of Kalsec”
    by: Caroline Krell, Kazoo School
  2. “Cures for Pneumonia”
    by: Max Todas, Kazoo School
  3. “Final Exit: Story of Heaven's Gate”
    by: Laryn Kuchta, Kazoo School

Junior Group Documentary

  1. “Lewis and Clark”
    by: Ryan Peterson & Kyle Lewis, South Haven History Club
  2. “Float Like a Butterfly, Sting like a W.A.S.P.”
    by: Avery Daugherty & Jessee Ford, South Haven History Club (National Finalist)
  3. “Exchange with the Devil”
    by: Maeve Crothers & Eva Metro-Roland, Kazoo School

Senior Individual Documentary

  1. Instant Cure: The Encounter that Changed Psychology”
    by: Hannah Lane-Davies, Home School (National Finalist - Best Entry in Use of Primary Sources - Sponsored by the Michigan Archival Association) Placed fifth in the nation for Senior Individual Documentary.
  2. "The Battle of New Orleans: The Exchange of Pirates for Victory"
    by: Claire Holley, Gagie

Senior Group Documentary

  1. “Breaking Racial Barriers Through Classical Music in the 1920's”
    by: Isabel Holton & Madeline Hinkley, Gull Lake


Youth Individual Exhibits

  1. “Lewis & Clark: How their Exploration Changed the Nation”
    by: Keegan Hammond, Gagie (2nd Place)
  2. “The Conservation President: Theodore Roosevelt's Legacy of Exploration and Preservation”
    by: Sean Durbin, Kazoo School (1st Place)
  3. “Nelson Mandela”
    by: Turab Alam, Gagie

Youth Group Exhibits

  1. “Nellie Bly”
    by: CoraBelle Churchill & Shawn Brophy, Gordon Elementary
  2. “Jane Goodall”
    by: Chelci Northern & Jaiden Weitting, Gordon Elementary
  3. “Apollo 11”
    by: Micah Stover & Aidan Zajac, Kazoo School

Junior Individual Exhibits

  1. “Rosie the Riveter and the Impact of Women on America's Workforce during World War II”
    by: Isabella Dacoba, Gagie (Kalamazoo) (National Finalist)
  2. “The Space Race: Competition to Exchange & Collaboration”
    by: Nicholas Sheppard, South Haven History Club
  3. “Battle of Brandywine”
    by: Samuel Nieuwenhuis, Providence Christian

Junior Group Exhibits

  1. “Circumnavigation - Magellan's Goal”
    by: Jalyn Dubois, Liam Fagan & David Harn, Gagie (Kalamazoo)
  2. “Matthew A. Hensen”
    by: Grant Doolittle & Lydia Holbrook, Marshall Middle (National Finalist)
  3. “The Transcontinental Railroad: Uniting a Nation” 
    by: Reese Kerschner & Caden McKinley, Gagie (Kalamazoo)

Senior Individual Exhibits

  1. “Breaking Barriers - Women in Journalism”
    by: Sydney Rodigel-Finegan, Gull Lake High School (National Alternate)

Senior Group Exhibits

  1. “Lewis & Clark: Journey to the Pacific”
    by: Nadia Escandon, Laura Graves & Sarah Pelyhes, Gull Lake High School
  2. “Clara Barton”
    by: Courtney Pedersen, Quinn Scheller & Annie Thorne, Gull Lake High School (National Alternate)
  3. “Race to the South Pole”
    by: Noah Kitzman, Kaleb Petersen, Elijah Simpson & Isaac Wallace, Heritage Christian


Senior Papers

  1. “Wernher von Braun: The Nazi Who Sent Us to the Moon"
    by: Hayden Lane-Davies, Home School (National Finalist)
  2. "Women on the Oregon Trail"
    by: Elizabeth Stout, Gull Lake High School


Youth Individual Performances 

  1. “Alexander Hamilton: The Orphan Encounters Fame”
    by: Taye Bradford, Kazoo School (1st Place)

Youth Group Performances

  1. “Who Deciphered Hieroglyphics?”
    by: Riley Em Van DeVelde & Lana Nehme, Home School (2nd Place)
  2. “Life of the Bronte Sisters”
    by: Sloan Markin & Elle Ahrens, Gagie (1st Place)
  3. “Trail of Tears: The Controversial Legacy of Andrew Jackson”
    by: Gabe Naylor, Ariya Grimes, Lucy DeMorrow, Mataya Williams & Steven Rogers, Milwood Elementary (3rd Place)

Junior Individual Performances

  1. “Gloria Steinem”
    by: Emerson Wesselhoff, Gagie (Kalamazoo) (National Finalist)
  2. “Harriet Tubman's Quest for Freedom”
    by:Ashley Woytal, Gagie (Kalamazoo)
  3. “Clara Barton's Life Adventuresi”
    by: Diya Singh, Gagie (Kalamazoo)

Junior Group Performances

  1. “Evolution of Criminal Investigation”
    by: Elise Postuma & Avery Ansinn, South Haven
  2. “Orphan Train”
    by: Anna Leach, Kennedy Brooks, Keith Porter & Jadin Wolfe, Cassopolis (National Finalist - James Campbell Award for Best Use of Oral History, Sponsored by the MI Oral History Assoc)
  3. “Michigan Fur Trade”
    by: Liam Smith & Gracen Martini-Zeller, Kazoo School

Senior Individual Performances

  1. “Exploring the World of Pirates: An Encounter with Sir Francis Drake”
    by: Emma Simon, South Haven History Club (National Alternate)

Senior Group Performances

  1. “The Struggle and Strength of Marie Curie”
    by: Elizabeth Carpenter & Nolani Schnable, Heritage Christian (National Finalist)
  2. "The History of Rock & Roll in America"
    by: Robert Lovely, Kaden Patrick, Jacob Ragotzy & Spencer Schewe, Gull Lake High School
  3. "Liberation of Arts in the 1920's"
    by: Tova Carter & Anastasia Chubb, Gull Lake High School (National Alternate)


Youth Individual Websites

  1. "The Cherokee Nation"
    by: Alex Patel, South Haven (1st Place)
  2. "The Inuit"
    by: Teah Hilliard, Kazoo School

Junior Individual Websites

  1. “Emily Wilding Davison, A Suffragette Martyr”
    by: Ava Apolo, Kazoo School (National Alternate)
  2. “Martha Graham: Exploring Modern Dance”
    by: Simone Marshall, Kazoo School (National Finalist)
  3. “Louisiana Purchase”
    by: Jina Patel, South Haven

Junior Group Websites

  1. “Motown”
    by: Annie Betts, Gus Crothers & Elliot Russell, Kazoo (Kalamazoo) (Best Entry in Use of Arts/Music - Sponsored by Merze Tate Travel Writers)
  2. “Francis Drake”
    by: Arden Hermann-Wilmarth & Ian Woodruff, Kazoo (Kalamazoo)

Senior Individual Websites

  1. “Exploring Policy Change: NSC 68 Report”
    by: Noah Taylor, Heritage Christian (National Alternate)

Senior Group Websites

  1. “U.S. Encounter and Exchange: The Space Race”
    by: Autumn Guffey, Leo Cooper & Nate Thorn, Gull Lake High School (National Finalist)
  2. "The Wright Brothers: Exploring American Aviation”
    by: Madeline Graff, Rianca Godinez & Mia Graff, Gull Lake High School
  3. "The Santa Fe Trail"”
    by: Sam Christensen, Parker Feraco, Skyler Flietstra, Gull Lake High School (National Finalist)