History Day 2017 Results

Thanks to all who competed in History Day on March 4, 2017, on the campus of Western Michigan University. Here are the results:

Next competition date: March 3, 2018

2017 Competition Day Photos

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Below are the 2017 State qualifiers (state results are in bold).


Youth Individual Documentary

  1. "Ruby Bridges Goes to School" (1st Place)
    by: Elizabeth Rzepka; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. “Gandhi”  (3rd Place)
    by: Veer Singh; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  3. “Queen Nzinga”
    by: Cole Graber; Marshall

Youth Group Documentary

  1. "The History about Jacqueline Cochran" (2nd Place)
    by: Olivia Crippin, Sydney Daugherty; South Haven
  2. "Mother Jones Taking a Stand Against Child Labor" (3rd Place)
    by: Mya Panse, Ava Storteboom; South Haven
  3. "Jesse Owens" (1st Place)
    by: Giovanni Brosco, Henry Gauthier, Jack Schnur, Andrew Williams; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Junior Individual Documentary

  1. "Malala Yousafzai"
    by: Romy Ransom; South Haven
  2. “Nicolas Winton: Guardian of the Children” (National Alternate)
    by: Tabby Newberry; South Haven
  3. “Beauty is Therapy” (National Finalist)
    by: David Harn; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Junior Group Documentary

  1. "Are You Ready? Let's Roll"
    by: Avery Daugherty, Jessee Ford; South Haven
  2. "Muhammad Ali Used His Voice…"
    by: Annie Betts, Ian Woodruff; Kazoo School, Kalamazoo
  3. "Taking a Stand in the Community: The Van Avery Drugstore Boycott" (National Finalist)
    by: Genevieve Shade, Amiri Sykes; Kazoo School, Kalamazoo

Senior Individual Documentary

  1. “Alexander Hamilton”
    by: Luke VanZweden; Providence Christian, Kalamazoo

Senior Group Documentary

  1. “Jackie Robinson”
    by: Maggie Clancy, Emma Kellam; Gull Lake
  2. "Seneca Falls Convention: Paving the Path for Women's Rights" (National Finalist)
    by: Rachel Randall, Carley Wyman; Gull Lake
  3. "Standing in the Hiding Place"
    by: Melissa Bakker, Ryanne Kieboom; Providence Christian, Kalamazoo


Youth Individual Exhibits

  1. "Revolutionary War" (2nd Place)
    by: Luke Hodulik; Marshall
  2. “Betty Friedan” (3rd Place)
    by: Lauren Rekis; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  3. “Rachel Carson: Taking a Stand for the Natural World” (1st Place) & (Best Entry in Use of Newspaper - Sponsored by the Clarke Historical Library)
    by: Keegan Hammond; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Youth Group Exhibits

  1. “I Have a Dream”
    by: Caroline Bocock, Kayley Gorham, Makenzi Schewe; South Haven
  2. “Justice for the Yellow Flowers” (1st Place)
    by: Chloe Rathbun, Ellen Terzino, Adeline Ulmer; Winchell, Kalamazoo
  3. “Billie Jean King and the Battle for the Sexes”
    by: Cash Karney, Etsu Rogers; Kazoo School, Kalamazoo

Junior Individual Exhibits

  1. “The Greensboro Sit-In: Taking a Stand by sitting down” (National Alernate)
    by: Lauren Konopacki; Upton Middle, South Haven
  2. “Jacob Riis: Standing for the Other Half” (National Finalist)
    by: Samuel Nieuwenhuis; Providence Christian, Kalamazoo
  3. “Amazing Grace Hopper...”
    by: Isabella Dacoba; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Junior Group Exhibits

  1. “Gandhi”
    by: Jalyn Dubois, Liam Fagan; Gagie, Kalamazoo
  2. “Taking a Stand with the Written Word”
    by: Reese Kerschner, Caden McKinley; Gagie, Kalamazoo
  3. “Etta Wheeler and Mary Ellen Wilson; Taking a Stand in the First Child Abuse Case” (Best Entry in Use of Newspaper - Sponsored by the Clarke Historical Library)
    by: Kalee Henderson, Vivian Marshall; Kazoo School, Kalamazoo

Senior Individual Exhibits

  1. “The Kalamazoo Gals: Standing with Gibson During the War” (Elly Peterson Award for Michigan Women's History- Sponsored by the Michigan Women's Studies Association)
    by: Leanne Thorn; Gull Lake High School
  2. "Kronstadt"
    by: Noah Kitzman; Heritage Christian, Kalamazoo
  3. "Hidden Stars"
    by: Clara Nieuwenhuis; Providence Christian, Kalamazoo

Senior Group Exhibits

  1. “The Life of Irena Sendler” (National Finalist)
    by: Allyson Bishop, Lauren Miller, Alicia Nagel, Linda Palella; Heritage Christian, Kalamazoo
  2. “Susan B. Anthony”
    by: Elena Chrisman, Rylee Meints, Sophie Novak; Gull Lake High School
  3. “Nanzing's Nazi Hero”
    by: Gabriella Tiedemann, Diana Whitmore; Loy Norrix, Kalamazoo


Youth Papers

  1. “The Great Congolese Propaganda War” (2nd Place)
    by: Bryce Henderson; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Junior Papers

  1. "The Lady with a Lamp Who Lit the Way"
    by: Sophie Markus; Providence Christian, Kalamazoo
  2. "Her Fight, Her Right" (National Finalist)
    by: Cassandra DeVries; Providence Christian, Kalamazoo
  3. "William Lloyd Garrison..."
    by: Genevieve Kim; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Senior Papers

  1. “To Rid Society of Imbeciles"
    by: Elizabeth Stout; Gull Lake
  2. "Emma Goldman"
    by: Aelita Klausmeier; Gull Lake High School


Youth Individual Performances

  1. “Indira Gandhi - Taking a Stand For Poverty” (1st Place)
    by: Ishwari Bhatt; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. "From Little to Red to X" (2nd Place) & (Best Entry in Use of Primary Sources - Sponsored by the Michigan Archival Association)
    by: Taye Bradford; Kazoo School, Kalamazoo

Youth Group Performances

  1. “Taking a Stand Against the Nazis: The Battle of the Bulge” (2nd Place)
    by: Roan Borton, Andrew Curvelo, Henry Doan, Payden Murray; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. “Black Walls, But Not Forever” (3rd Place)
    by: Hannah DeVries, Katelyn Foley, Hannah Kaczmarek, Lily Marovec; South Haven
  3. “Suffering to Stand Up” (1st Place)
    by: Sydney Bettis, Shannon Dopp, Teagan Pleasant; South Haven

Junior Individual Performances

  1. “Threads”
    by: Emerson Wesselhoff; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. “Music Unites Us to Take a Stand” (National Finalist)
    by: Ashley Woytal; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  3. “Taxation without Representation"
    by: Samantha Bocock; South Haven

Junior Group Performances

  1. “Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan…”
    by: Elle Ahrens, Sloan Markin; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. “We Will Not Give Up Our Land” (National Finalist) & (Best Entry in Michigan History - Sponsored by Meijer)
    by: Ross Beatty, Kennedy Brooks, Anna Leach, Keith Porter, Jadin Wolfe; Cassopolis

Senior Group Performances

  1. “The Dutch Resistance” (National Finalist)
    by: Elizabeth Carpenter, Nolani Schnable; Heritage Christian, Kalamazoo
  2. "Amelia Bloomer"
    by: Alexandra Gonzales-Krugalex, Athena Osburn; Gull Lake High School


Youth Individual Websites

  1. "Sally Yates Stood for Good"
    by: Spencer Betke; Winchell, Kalamazoo

Youth Group Websites

  1. "Elizabeth Blackwell: First Woman Doctor" (1st Place)
    by: Alexis Crouch, Emily Hanna, Violet Kaplan-Neumann, Ellie Reeves; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. "Life of Sitting Bull" (3rd Place)
    by: Blake Chadwick, Mason Ray; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  3. Rachel Carson: Nature Explorer"
    by: Zara Pirbhai, Abagail Sutton; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Junior Individual Websites

  1. John Muir's Stand…
    by: James Harn; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. “Elon Musk Helping to Change...”
    by: Casey Murray; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  3. “William Booth”
    by: Tyler DeVries; Providence Christian, Kalamazoo

Junior Group Websites

  1. “Betty Friedan: Taking a Stand through Literature” (National Finalist)
    by: Ava Apolo, Simone Marshall; Kazoo School, Kalamazoo
  2. “Martin Luther King Jr.”
    by: Joshua Rose, Benjamin Thies; Providence Christian, Kalamazoo
  3. "The Times They Are a Changing..."
    by: Gus Crothers, Elliott Russell, Liam Smith; Kazoo School, Kalamazoo

Senior Individual Websites

  1. "Pastor's Influence on the American Revolution"
    by: Bailey Weiss; Heritage Christian, Kalamazoo
  2. "The Boys Who Stood..."
    by: Riley Carlson; Portage Northern
  3. "The Boston Tea Party"
    by: Elena Taylor; Heritage Christian, Kalamazoo

Senior Group Websites

  1. “Father's Rights”
    by: Alma Almonacid, Grace Dykgraff, Alexis Norton, Danielle Porter; Heritage Christian, Kalamazoo
  2. "The Antitrust Movement”
    by: Abigail Holtan, Mia Tucci; Gull Lake High School
  3. "The Integration of Women into the Military” (National Finalist)
    by: Kaleigh Belz, Cassidy Burr; Gull Lake High School