Medallion Scholarship Competition

  • Four young women standing in front of a painting wearing their 2014 Medallions.
  • Dean Gary H. Bischof and 2017 Medallion Mackenzie McClain
  • Three female honors students smiling and holding their hands up.
  • Marine Bolliet and Carol Haenicke

The Lee Honors College co-sponsors the Medallion Scholarship Competition, Western Michigan University’s most prestigious merit-based scholarship for undergraduates, with the Office of Admissions. An average of 20 scholarships currently valued at $60,000 ($15,000 per year) are given each spring. Awarded to incoming high school graduates through a competitive process that occurs in November, December and January, students who have completed an admissions application by November 1, 2018 and meet the competition criteria are automatically invited to participate. Invitations for those who have completed their application to WMU and meet the eligibility criteria are expected to begin being mailed by September 1.  The competition this year will be held Friday, November 30 and Saturday, December 1, 2018. Students may choose between the two dates. Those selected as finalists will be invited to return to campus on January 18 or 19, 2019 for an interview. To get a sense of what is expected of Medallion Scholars, please read The Medallion Ethic. The current $60,000 value applies to the 2016 Medallion class and those classes to follow, and reflects Western's commitment to periodic increases to the scholarship to keep pace with tuition increases. Additionally, for all first year students competing in November 2017 and beyond - additional awards have been announced for semi-finalists who are not selected to receive a Medallion scholarship.

"Honors First" Priority Registration

Medallion Scholarship competitors will have the opportunity to connect with their academic advisors in April and register for fall 2019 classes. Registration for classes may be completed in person or via phone appointment. Participation in the June orientation program is still required, together with Fall Welcome in August.

Additional Information

$60,000 Medallion Scholarship can be used toward graduate studies at WMU

Medallion Scholarships are awarded for four years of full-time study at WMU. If Medallion Scholars complete an undergraduate degree in less than four years, they may petition the dean of the Lee Honors College to use remaining funds toward graduate study at WMU.  To use these funds for graduate study, the student must either have been accepted and enrolled in a WMU accelerated graduate degree program or been accepted and enrolled full‐time in a WMU graduate degree program beginning in the fall or spring semester immediately following completion of their undergraduate degree.