Physical Education—Pedagogy Concentration

Note: admission to this program is currently suspended.

Program description

Students listening in lectureThe Master of Arts in physical education with an emphasis in pedagogy is designed for those individuals who wish to improve and expand their professional teaching skills, acquire self-assessment skills and develop supervision competencies. Most students who enroll in this emphasis are typically interested in continuing their careers in public and private schools and aspire to improve their teaching effectiveness as well as to become intern teaching supervisors. The pedagogy concentration program is offered through Western Michigan University's Department of Human Performance and Health Education.

Please take note that this program will not lead to the physical education endorsement. People who complete the program will not be eligible to add the physical education endorsement to an initial or existing teaching certificate.


Admission instructions

WMU has a new online graduate application system that allows all students (domestic and international) to submit required information into one system. General application information for the University, as well as specific requirements for individual programs, are captured into this system. 

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Unless otherwise noted all classes are three credit hours.

Research cognate (six credit hours)

  • HPHE 6900—Research Procedures in Human Performance and Health Education
  • HPHE 6920Analytic Techniques in Human Performance and Health Education

Emphasis core (18 Credit Hours)

  • HPHE 6400Instructional Materials in Physical Education
  • HPHE 6410Teaching and Supervision Skills in Physical Education
  • HPHE 6420Human Growth and Motor Development
  • HPHE 6430Physical Skill Acquisition and Motor Learning
  • HPHE 6440Program Evaluation in Sport and Physical Education
  • HPHE 6450Curriculum Development in Human Performance and Health Education

Electives (six credit hours)

  • HPHE 5980Readings in Human Performance and Health Education
  • HPHE 6210Physical Activities for Exceptional Children
  • HPHE 6310Skill Acquisition and Human Performance
  • HPHE 6350Principles and Practices of Effective Coaching
  • HPHE 6480Advanced Studies in Motor Development
  • HPHE 6910Psychological Preparation and Mental Training for Sport and Physical Activity
  • HPHE 6930Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity
  • HPHE 6940Technology in Human Performance and Health Education

Capstone experience (six credit hours)

Non-thesis option

  • HPHE 7100Independent Research
  • HPHE 7120Professional Field Experience

Thesis option

  • HPHE 7000Thesis (six credits)