Graduate Students of the Medieval Institute

  • Students pursuing the Master of Arts in medieval studies at Western Michigan University come to the Medieval Institute from a variety of educational backgrounds and from throughout the United States. Meet our current students and find out more about their research interests below.

  • A group of students sit at a conference table with their laptops

Currently enrolled students

If you are applying to the M.A. program and would like to be in touch with currently enrolled students, please contact us.

Paige Clark

B.A., history and anthropology with a minor in French, Beloit College
Interests: the history of Queerness in the Middle Ages; Queer history in the field of medieval studies

Anastasia Davis

B.A., history and B.S., religious studies with minors in political science and classics, Utah State University
Interests: abortion and contraception in religious and legal frameworks; magic and witchcraft as it pertains to reproductive agency; prostitution, brothels and the sex trade; women's legal agency

Anna K. Davis

B.A., history with minors in medieval and renaissance studies and classical studies, Sweet Briar College
Interests: medieval English common women; medieval common law, focusing on criminal law; how women appear in medieval English legal documents; medieval gender and sexuality; medieval Wales

Alisa Heskin

B.A., chemistry with minors in biology, English, and film studies, Concordia College
Interests: Scandinavian-Celtic comparative mythology; Old Norse and Old English language and literature

Ethan MacDonald, FSAScot

B.A., history with a minor in religion, Capital University
Interests: early medieval Hebrides; heraldry; the Wars of Scottish Independence; the rise of professional citizen soldiers in England during the Hundred Years' War; medieval rolls of arms; the Sarum Rite and the English church

Alexander McNeff

B.A in history and studio art with a minor in art history, Augsburg University
Interests: the medieval Baltic; the Teutonic Order; Kievan Rus’; Middle High German; Byzantium; ancient/medieval arms and armor

Sophia Moyers

B.A., classics with a minor in medieval studies, Truman State University
Interests: early Christian hagiography; late antique Latin; intersection of classical and medieval Christian texts

Will Rogers

B.A, history with a minor in medieval studies, Western Michigan University
Interests: gender and sexuality; medieval British Isles culture and religion; masculinity in literature; fiber arts

Goliardic Society

Emblem of the Goliardic Society.The Goliardic Society is a social organization of the graduate students of the Medieval Institute. The mission of the society is to facilitate camaraderie among students, faculty and friends while enhancing the academic environment of the institute through various donations, volunteer work and scholarly activities. Follow the Goliardic Society on X!