Undergraduate students examine manuscripts and facsmilies in the Zhang Legacy Collections Center The Medieval Institute offers two undergraduate courses open to students from any major, as well as an an undergraduate minor for those who want to pursue their interest in medieval studies further. The many undergraduate classes offered in medieval languages, literature, history and religion can be chosen as electives for the minor. Undergraduate students are also welcome to attend the International Congress on Medieval Studies held annually at the University.

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MDVL 1000

MDVL 1000: The Middle Ages, Then and Now, is a course designed to introduce you to the medieval past in the modern imagination. MDVL 1000 meets the student learning outcomes in the WMU Essential Studies Level 1 – Foundations, Inquiry and Engagement – Course Category: Critical Thinking in the Arts & Humanities.

MDVL 2000

MDVL 2000: Voices of the Middle Ages, is an interdisciplinary course designed to teach you to read, hear and respond to medieval voices through texts that speak about relationships, loyalty, honor, heroism, faith and aspects of culture that we take for granted today. MDVL 2000 meets the student learning outcomes in the WMU Essential Studies Level 2 – Exploration and Discovery – Course Category: World Language and Culture and satisfies General Education Area II: Humanities.

Minor in medieval studies

The minor in medieval studies offers you the opportunity to explore many of your own interests and combine them in new and interesting ways through a self-directed, globally focused program of study.

Accelerated graduate degree program in medieval studies

The accelerated graduate degree program in medieval studies allows seniors to accumulate credits towards the completion of a Master of Arts in medieval studies while still enrolled as an undergraduate.