Affiliated Faculty

The affiliated faculty of the Medieval Institute are Board Appointed Faculty Members of Western Michigan University invited to that status by recommendation of the board of the institute. They are listed here, together with emeritus faculty, with indications of their academic departments. For their research interests, see our research page.

Emeritus Faculty

  • George T. Beech, History
  • Clifford Davidson, English
  • E. Rozanne Elder, History
  • Robert W. Felkel, Spanish
  • Stephanie Gauper, English
  • C. J. Gianakaris, English
  • Rand H. Johnson, World Languages and Literatures (Classics)
  • Peter Krawutschke, World Languages and Literatures (German)
  • James Murray, History
  • Eve Salisbury, English
  • Thomas H. Seiler, English
  • Matthew Steel, Music
  • Paul E. Szarmach, English