Image of a demostration of medieval weaving at the International Congress on Medieval Studies.

A demonstration of medieval weaving at the International Congress on Medieval Studies

Western Michigan University and its Medieval Institute invite your partnership in maintaining and enhancing our unique role in developing the field of medieval studies. One way to do this is to contribute to one of our endowment funds, each of which supports a part of our mission.

  • Your donation to the Otto Gründler Fund will help emerging scholars, primarily from central European countries, attend the Congress by providing travel awards.
  • Your donation to the Georgian and David Tashjian Endowment will be used to support the Richard Rawlinson Center for Anglo-Saxon Studies and Manuscript Research: by keeping the library current, sponsoring an annual Congress speaker, and aiding students in our M.A. program.
  • Your donation to the Cistercian and Monastic Studies Endowment will support research on all aspects of the Cistercian tradition and in the broader field of religious traditions.
  • Your donation to the Medieval Institute Endowment provides general financial support for all activities of the institute.

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Or make your check payable to the Western Michigan University Foundation, indicating your choice of fund and mailing it to:

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