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Books published with Medieval Institute Publications of Western Michigan University use literary, historical and material sources and employ innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to what it has meant to be human through the ages.

  • Cover image of William Caxton's Paris and Vienne and Blanchardyn and Eglantine, edited by Harriet Hudson: Le doctrinal de sapience [English] (Tr: William Caxton). [Westminster] : William Caxton, [after 7 May 1489]. Electronic facsimile : British Library, London.

    William Caxton's "Paris and Vienne" and "Blanchardyn and Eglantine," edited by Harriet Hudson

  • Cover image of Collectors, Commissioners, Curators: Studies in Medieval Art for Stephen Fliegel, edited by Elina Gertsman: A medieval statue of a man with long, curly brown hair in white and gold robes, holding a book, on a red background.

    Collectors, Commissioners, Curators, edited by Elina Gertsman

  • Wills and Testaments in Medieval England from the Thirteenth to the Sixteenth Century, edited by Robert A. Wood

  • Canon Fanfiction, by Christine Schott

  • Performing Widowhood on the Early Modern English Stage

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MIP publishes monographs and thematically coherent collections across several series. Although our publications have historically focused on medieval Europe, we have expanded geographically and chronologically to welcome submissions that embrace a wider conception of the premodern. We value a variety of established, new and diverse voices in humanities research. MIP also publishes journals and several series of affordable classroom texts for the Teaching Association for Medieval Studies (TEAMS).

Our Commitment to the Humanities

Focusing on the late antique, medieval and early modern periods, our publications explore such topics as:

• The human experience
• Media, materiality and otherness
• Literature and literary culture
• Art, music and drama
• Religion and spirituality
• Popular culture

Research into the premodern world offers complex understandings of how cultural ideas, traditions and practices are constructed, transferred and disseminated among different agents and regions. Knowledge of the premodern past, in particular, helps us to contextualize contemporary debates about identity, integration, political legitimacy, creativity and cultural dynamics. Understanding what it meant to be human in the premodern world is essential to understanding our present moment and our future trajectories. Current innovations in humanities research, employing digital tools for preservation, representation and analysis, require us to return again to the earliest sources of our shared past, in the media and mentalities of the premodern world.

Humanities research plays a vital role in contemporary civic life and offers human and humane insights into today’s greatest challenges. Even so, the place of the humanities in education, in popular discourse, in politics and in business is increasingly in question. MIP is proud to take a stand for the humanities and are committed to the expansion of humanistic study, inquiry and discourse inside and outside of the university. We believe that humanities research should progress boldly, keeping pace with technological innovation, globalization and democratization.

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