Medieval Institute Publications at Western Michigan University currently publishes the following journals:

  • Medieval Ecocriticisms Medieval Ecocriticisms is the first regular venue dedicated to medieval ecocritical studies, and seeks out the most current and innovative interdisciplinary approaches to the study of literature and the environment in the global Middle Ages.

  • Medieval Feminist Forum: A Journal of Gender and Sexuality Medieval Feminist Forum is an online, peer-reviewed journal of interdisciplinary scholarship on women, gender, and sexuality in medieval studies.

  • Medieval People: Social Bonds, Kinship and Networks Medieval People is dedicated to highlighting the experiences of unknown or obscure individuals or groups, as well as exploring the social networks that gave shape to the lives of all medieval people.

  • ROMARD ROMARD is a peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society (MRDS) and is dedicated to the dissemination and discussion of bold interdisciplinary approaches, methodologies, and conceptualizations regarding the study of drama, performance, theatre, and theatricality from pre-modernity (500–1650).

  • Studies in Iconography Studies in Iconography is an annual journal hosted by the Index of Medieval Art that presents innovative work on the meaning of images from the medieval world broadly construed, between the fourth century to the year 1600.

Back issues of other publications


Back issues of the Yearbook of Langland Studies, which was published for a period by Medieval Institute Publications, are also available (volumes 14-19 and limited stock of earlier volumes distributed by Medieval Institute Publications).

Medieval Institute Publications has also published volumes 34 to 36 of the Old English Newsletter Subsidia.


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