Medieval Institute Publications at Western Michigan University publishes several series of affordable classroom texts for TEAMS: Teaching Association for Medieval Studies.


TEAMS was originally founded as a committee of the Medieval Academy of America to develop new ways to support the teaching activities of its members. It was later reorganized as an independent nonprofit educational corporation whose mission continues to be the support of teaching in medieval studies at the undergraduate, secondary and elementary school level through the provision of resources and the sharing of techniques.

Its current programs include the publication of TEAMS Teaching Texts in cooperation with Medieval Institute Publications, the maintenance of an online library of Middle English texts and the establishment of a committee for outreach to secondary schools. It sponsors several sessions of papers at the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University. TEAMS also publishes a peer-reviewed electronic journal, "The Once and Future Classroom: Resources for Teaching the Middle Ages in Grades K-12," and sponsors an annual teaching prize to recognize excellence in teaching medieval studies in the K-12 classroom. Visit the TEAMS homepage for a full overview of TEAMS' activities.

teams' publishing program

Medieval Institute Publications played a founding role in setting up a series of affordable classroom texts with TEAMS. Originally focused on making available accessible editions of Middle English texts, the program has now successfully expanded into translations or facing-page editions and translations from other medieval vernacular languages, biblical and secular commentary genres, historical documents, and musical treatises and works. The most successful editions have today sold more than six thousand copies and have been adopted in classrooms for twenty years or more.