Medieval Music in Context Series

Medieval Institute Publications at Western Michigan University publishes the Medieval Music in Context Series for TEAMS: Teaching Association for Medieval Studies.

Series Introduction

The TEAMS Medieval Music in Context series seeks to publish editions, translations, and studies of medieval music-theoretical treatises and literary texts with significant musical engagements, including works of poetry and prose with embedded music (notated or unnotated). The volumes are designed for classroom use in, e.g., music history, music theory, literature, and medieval studies courses, while still offering contributions useful for more specialized research. The series encourages a global reach and is intended to encompass texts and musical traditions in Latin and European vernaculars, Byzantine Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian.

  • Editors and Editorial Board
    • Andrew Hicks, Cornell University, Series Editor
  • Submissions

    Proposals or complete manuscripts to be considered for publication should be sent to Tyler Cloherty, acquisitions editor for the series, or the series editor, Andrew Hicks, Associate Professor of Music and Medieval Studies, Cornell University.