Medieval Textual Cultures of Central and Southeast Europe Series

Medieval Institute Publications at Western Michigan University publishes the Medieval Textual Cultures of Central and Southeast Europe Series for TEAMS: Teaching Association for Medieval Studies.

Series Introduction

The Medieval Textual Cultures of Central and Southeast Europe is a peer-reviewed series that publishes modern English translations of medieval texts of diverse genres and content that focus on central and southeastern European lands in order to promote and make teaching and research of this region accessible to wider audiences. By making primary sources available and properly contextualized in contemporary academic discourse for use in the classroom and in research for medievalists working in a range of disciplines and linguistic traditions, the series strives to fill an important gap in the cohesive study of medieval European Latinity and related Slavonic traditions of Central and Southeast Europe.

In addition to an annotated English translation of a primary source, each volume of the series contains a critical introduction that provides relevant cultural and historical background, a balanced and inclusive overview of the state of scholarship about the published text, and select bibliography for further reading. In most cases, annotated English translations are accompanied by parallel original texts copied from a manuscript or a published edition, usually without full scholarly apparatus.

  • Editorial Board
    • Julia Verkholantsev, University of Pennsylvania, Series Editor

    • Antoaneta Granberg, University of Gothenburg

    • Paul W. Knoll, University of Southern California

    • Petra Mutlová, Masaryk University, Brno

    • Balázs Nagy, Eötvös Loránd University / Central European University

    • Mateo Žagar, University of Zagreb, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

  • Submissions

    Proposals for new volumes should include samples of introductory material and annotated translation. Proposals or completed manuscripts to be considered for publication should be sent to Tyler Cloherty, acquisitions editor for the series, or the series editor, Julia Verkholantsev, University of Pennsylvania.