Studies in Iconography

Cover image of Studies in Iconography: a medieval manuscript page with a large initial A on a black background"Studies in Iconography" (ISSN 0148-1029, e-ISSN 2693-8456) is an annual journal hosted by the Index of Medieval Art and published in partnership with Medieval Institute Publications. It presents innovative work on the meaning of images from the medieval world broadly construed, between the fourth century to the year 1600. Past articles have addressed subjects as diverse as Byzantine fresco programs, Carolingian architectural diagrams, Gothic rent books, Jewish ritual images, and Islamicate stucco ornament. We encourage article submissions that offer interdisciplinary, theoretical, or critical perspectives. Works of both established and emerging scholars are welcome. Reviews of selected books on iconography and art history are included in every volume.

MIP also publishes the journal's associated book series, Studies in Iconography: Themes and Variations.

Current Issue: Volume 44 (2023)


Astrological Theory and Elite Knowledge in Non-Elite Public Art: Order in the Zodiacal Archivolt at Vézelay by Conrad Rudolph

Matriarchy and Authority in a Thirteenth-Century English Psalter by Kerry Boeye

A Knightly Family’s Social Network: Sculpting Alliances at the Church of St. Peter, Cogenhoe by Meg Bernstein

Reading the Iconography of Saint Filippo Benizi in Fifteenth-Century Prints by Alana A. O'Brien

Remembering Ilene H. Forsyth (1928-2022) by Annemarie Weyl Carr


Review of Kathleen Bickford Berzock, ed. Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time: Art, Culture, and Exchange across Medieval Saharan Africa by Hadrien Collet

Review of Borland, Visualizing Household Health by Diane Wolfthal

Review of Elina Gertsman, The Absent Image by Brigitte Buettner

Review of Jeffrey F. Hamburger Diagramming Devotion. Berthold of Nuremberg’s Transformation of Hrabanus Maurus’s Poems in Praise of the Cross by Richard Gameson

Review of Beth Williamson, Reliquary Tabernacles in Fourteenth-Century Italy: Image, Relic and Material Culture by Sarah K. Kozlowski

Review of Alison Perchuk, The Monastery of Saint Elijah (2021) by Kirk Ambrose

Review of Philippa Turner and Jane Hawkes, eds. The Rood in Medieval Britain and Ireland, c.800-c.1500 by Virginia Blanton

Book Review: Daniel Wallace Maze, Young Bellini (2021) by Silvia Tita


  • Editors and Editorial Board


    • Diliana Angelova, University of California - Berkeley
    • Pamela A. Patton, Princeton University

    Book Review Editor

    • Kirk Ambrose, University of Colorado

    Editorial Advisory Board

    • Adam Cohen, University of Toronto
    • Blake de Maria, Santa Clara University
    • Martha Easton, St. Joseph’s University
    • Maria Evangelatou, University of California, Santa Cruz
    • María Judith Feliciano, Independent Scholar and Director, “Medieval Textiles in Iberia and the Mediterranean”
    • Beatrice Kitzinger, Princeton University
    • Alka Patel, University of California, Irvine
    • Debra Higgs Strickland, University of Glasgow
    • Thelma Thomas, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
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