Studies in Iconography: Themes and Variations

Series introduction

Studies in Iconography: Themes and Variations is a companion series to the successful journal "Studies in Iconography." Volumes focus on the visual culture of the period before 1600. Submissions are welcomed for monographs or tightly-conceived essay collections that take a cross-disciplinary or interdisciplinary approach to their subjects or that examine theories and methods of iconographic analysis and histories of representation from a critical perspective.

Series editorial board

Proposals or completed manuscripts to be considered for publication by Medieval Institute Publications should be sent to Theresa Whitaker, acquisitions editor for the series. The series' Editorial Board is hosted by the Index of Christian Art at Princeton University.

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Cover of The Locus of Meaning in Medieval Art: Bedford Master, St. Anne teaching the Virgin to read, Suffrage of St. Anne. Lamoignon Hours. Lisbon, Gulbenkian Museum, MS LA 237, fol. 206v. Photo courtesy of Museu Gulbenkian.The Locus of Meaning in Medieval Art

Edited by Lena Eva Liepe

This book addresses the status and relevance of iconography and iconology in the post-Panofskian study of medieval art. These disciplines remain crucial for the continued praxis in the discipline. The essays within this collection demonstrate the continued usefulness of iconography and iconology as analytical strategies, and propose alternative approaches to investigating the meaning of medieval art.

ISBN 978-1-58044-343-2 (clothbound) © 2019

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Cover image of St. Albans and the Markyate Psalter: on a light blue background, cover text in dark blue. An image of monks from a medieval manuscript.St. Albans and the Markyate Psalter

Edited by Kristen Collins and Matthew Fisher

This collection offers bold new readings of the images, composition, reception, and contexts of the beautiful, twelfth-century Markyate Psalter.

ISBN 978-1-58044-258-9 (clothbound) © 2017

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Cover image of New Perspectives on the Man of Sorrows: On a light blue background, cover text in dark blue. An image of Christ rising from a coffin and shroud showing his wounds.New Perspectives on the Man of Sorrows

Edited by Catherine R. Puglisi and William L. Barcham

This volume is a collection of ten essays investigating an assortment of issues and problems raised by the Man of Sorrows, a figure charged with profound spiritual, metaphorical, and symbolic meaning that traveled across Europe, populated all the arts, and permeated numerous religious contexts as it soared in popularity in the West from the late Middle Ages into the Renaissance and beyond.

ISBN 978-1-58044-193-3 (clothbound) © 2013

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Forthcoming in this series

Reassessing Alabaster Sculpture in Medieval England

Edited by Jessica Brantley, Stephen Perkinson and Elizabeth C. Teviotdale

This volume offers fresh approaches to the material and the subject matter of late medieval English alabaster sculptures, bringing them into dialogue with twenty-first-century scholarship on pre-modern visual culture. The book comprises an introduction by Brantley and Perkinson; eight essays by scholars trained in the history of medieval art and/or medieval English literature, including Brantley and Perkinson; and an afterword by Paul Binski.