Christianities Before Modernity

Series introduction

Nativity, Gondarine Sensul; Ethiopian, late seventeenth century. The Walters Gallery: Walters Manuscript 36.10, f. 2r.

Nativity, Gondarine Sensul; Ethiopian, late seventeenth century. The Walters Gallery: Walters Manuscript 36.10, f. 2r.

Challenging the perception of Christianity as a unified and European religion before the sixteenth century, this series interrogates the traditional chronological, geographical, social and institutional boundaries of premodern Christianity. Books in this series seek to rebuild the lived experiences and religious worlds of understudied people as well as landmark disputes and iconic figures by recovering underappreciated vernacular sources, situating localized problems and mundane practices within broader social contexts and addressing questions framed by contemporary theoretical and methodological conversations. Christianities Before Modernity embraces an interdisciplinary and comparative approach, publishing on history, literature, music, theater, classics, folklore, art history, archaeology, religious studies, philosophy, gender studies, anthropology, sociology and other areas. Grounded in original sources and informed by ongoing disciplinary disputes, this series demonstrates how premodern Christians comprised diverse and conflicted communities embedded in a religiously diverse world.

Keywords: Christianity, history of religions, longue durée, theory and method of medieval studies, global Middle Ages, inter‐connectivity, late antiquity, medieval and early modern studies.

Geographical Scope: Afro‐Eurasia and the Atlantic World

Chronological Scope: Medieval and Early Modern

Series editors and advisory board

Shannon CunninghamTo submit a proposal or completed manuscript to be considered for publication by Medieval Institute Publications or to learn more about the series, contact Shannon Cunningham, acquisitions editor for the series.

The series' Advisory Board comprises:

  • Rabia Gregory, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA, Series Editor
  • Kathleen E. Kennedy, Pennsylvania State University, Brandywine, USA, Series Editor
  • Susanna A. Throop, Ursinus College, USA, Series Editor
  • Charlene Villaseñor, UCLA, USA, Series Editor
  • Adnan A. Husain, Queen's University, Canada
  • István Perczel, Central European University, Hungary
  • Eyal Poleg, Queen Mary University of London, England
  • Carl S. Watkins, Magdalene College, Cambridge, England

Forthcoming in this series

This series is currently under development.

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