Medieval Ecocriticisms

introduction to the journal

Cover of Medieval Ecocriticisms, Vol. 1 (2021) (coming soon)In recent years, medieval studies has seen a flourishing of new ecocritical and environmental inquiries to literature, art, and culture. These new approaches, drawing upon the material, spatial, and post-human turns in humanities research, have directed scholarly attention to representations and histories of the non-human, and to the inarguable necessity of studying both human/human and human/non-human interactions in texts and cultures. "Medieval Ecocriticisms" is the first regular venue dedicated to medieval ecocritical studies, and seeks out the most current and innovative interdisciplinary approaches to the study of literature and the environment in the global Middle Ages.

The journal is dedicated to publishing yearly journal issues, sometimes thematic, covering a wide and inclusive spectrum of approaches and methods in interdisciplinary ecocritical studies, including: ecofeminism and new ecocritical analyses of under-represented literatures; queer ecologies; posthumanism; waste studies; landscape studies; maritime studies and blue humanities; studies of environmental catastrophe and change and their effects on pre-modern cultures; as well as more traditional approaches that, nonetheless, are concerned with the ecological and environmental in some way. The board is open to submissions in literary and cultural studies, philosophy, environmental history, art history, environmental archaeology, zooarchaeology, and beyond.

Keywords: Ecocriticism, ecology, environmental studies, environmental history, critical animal studies, ecofeminism, postcolonial ecocriticism, nature, non-human

Geographical Scope: Global

Chronological Scope: Early and late medieval


  • Heide Estes, Monmouth University
  • Ilse Schweitzer VanDonkelaar, Michigan State University
  • Michael J. Warren, Birkbeck College, London

editorial board

  • Michael Bintley, Birkbeck, University of London
  • Richard Jones, University of Leicester
  • Catherine Karkov, University of Leeds
  • Gillian Rudd, University of Liverpool


Please check back! Submission guidelines will be available on the journal's ScholarWorks page. For more information or with questions before the ScholarWorks page is available, please contact MIP's Editor-in-Chief, Theresa Whitaker.

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