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Find out more about our team of publishing professionals here. For a helpful guide about whom you might expect to speak to at various points in the publication process, please see our Contact Guide for Authors and Editors of Scholarly Books and our Contact Guide for Editors of TEAMS Classroom Books on our Author Resources page.


Theresa Whitaker

Theresa Whitaker


Theresa is the editor-in-chief of Medieval Institute Publications at Western Michigan University. She completed an M.A. in Medieval Studies at the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University. Theresa is a true interdisciplinarian and is interested in many things medieval, including but definitely not limited to: social history, particularly in post-Conquest England, manuscript studies, material culture and literature.

Contact Theresa with questions or concerns regarding such issues as the title of your book, cover design, internal formatting and typesetting concerns and other production issues.

Marjorie Harrington

Marjorie Harrington, Finance Officer for MIP

Program Manager for Medieval Studies

Marjorie supervises MIP's financial operations. She received her Ph.D. in English from Notre Dame and began working at MIP in 2017. Her research interests include multilingualism and manuscript culture in thirteenth- and fourteenth-century England.

Contact Marjorie with questions about royalties and other financial concerns.

Nikki Roulo

Marketing Specialist

Nikki manages MIP's marketing program; maintains the websites and social media presences of MIP, Western Michigan University's Medieval Institute, and the International Congress on Medieval Studies; and manages MIP's content on WMU's digital repository, ScholarWorks. She received her Ph.D. in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2023 and her scholarly interests include fools in early modern literature, seventeenth-century drama, poetics, and jestbooks.

Contact Nikki with questions about marketing, media requests, author discounts and copies, journal subscriptions and access, reprint permissions, desk/exam/review copies and distribution and fulfillment.


Acquisitions Team

Medieval Institute Publications combines the accessibility and individual attention of a small press with the global reach and resources of our international partners. Our acquisitions editors would love to hear from you to discuss potential publication ideas and book proposals!

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Tyler Cloherty

Tyler Cloherty

With over a decade as an editor in scholarly publishing, Tyler acquires titles in medieval and Renaissance history for Medieval Institute Publications and is also proud to manage MIP's TEAMS series of classroom texts in medieval studies. As a copyeditor, Tyler's experience spans a range of scholarly genres, including popular culture, the performing arts, civil war history, literary theory and medieval literature and history. She particularly enjoys editing the work of non-native English speakers.


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Erin Sweany

Erin Sweany, Acquisitions Editor

Erin holds a Ph.D. in medieval English literature from Indiana University. She specializes in Old English literary and medical texts and has also published on Middle English texts. Her particular scholarly projects focus on descriptions of illness and medicine and the experiences of unwell bodies and bodies undergoing medical care, whether those descriptions and experiences be a part of literary or pragmatic texts. Erin’s methodological interests are broad and include philology, feminist methodologies, new historicism, new/feminist materialisms, medical humanities, ecocriticism, post/settler-colonialism and science and technology studies.

Erin invites a variety of types of book proposals and will be thrilled to work on projects that are intensely focused on Old or Middle English (language and/or literature), Old Norse (language and/or literature), comparative approaches to the literatures of medieval Europe and/or Scandinavia and theoretically informed analyses. As her own research is deeply informed by a combination of disciplines, Erin invites and is enthusiastic about proposals for adventurously interdisciplinary projects.


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Emily Winkler

Emily Winkler, acquisitions editor

Emily is a cultural historian of medieval Europe. After receiving interdisciplinary degrees in Medieval Studies, History and Classics at Dartmouth (USA), she moved to the UK and earned her D.Phil. in History from the University of Oxford. The author and editor of several books on medieval history, Emily is currently Principal Investigator of a team research project based at Oxford. The project explores historical thinking in medieval Britain across different languages and genres. Her research interests range widely across the high medieval past, including historical writing, emotion, history of ideas, emotion and health, society, political thought and material culture. She enjoys teaching writing to history students, collaborating with history teachers on creating new resources for history and working with history writers of all ages on steering the craft of prose.

Emily welcomes book proposals from researchers in late antique, medieval and early modern history and related fields, based on original research into the primary materials of the past—whether document, text, object or idea. This could be a book that rediscovers little-known sources and shares their importance with a wider audience, that asks and answers exciting new questions about well-known sources or that advances an inventive new method for finding out what it meant to be human in the medieval past. If you have an idea for a book, please email Emily.


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