Research in Medieval and Early Modern Culture

Medieval Institute Publications publishes a monograph series, Research in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, and a sister series of edited collections, Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture. The series were originally inspired by themes drawn from the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo. From 2016 the series explicitly opened themselves up to publications that wholly or partially focus on the early modern world. Hence the series titles changed from "... in Medieval Culture" to "... in Medieval and Early Modern Culture." Beginning in 2018, all books listed in RMEMC are also part of SMEMC.

Series introduction

Humanities research plays a vital role in contemporary civic life and offers human and humane insights into today’s greatest challenges. Even so, the place of the humanities in education, in popular discourse, in politics, and in business is increasingly in question. Medieval Institute Publications is proud to take a stand for the humanities. We are committed to the expansion of humanistic study, inquiry, and discourse inside and outside of the university. We believe that humanities research should progress boldly, keeping pace with technological innovation, globalization, and democratization. We value a variety of established, new, and diverse voices in humanities research. We provide a platform for high-quality research that explores what it means and has meant to be human across cultures, continents, and eras.

Research into the premodern world offers complex understandings of how cultural ideas, traditions, and practices are constructed, transferred, and disseminated among different agents and regions. Knowledge of the premodern past, in particular, helps us to contextualize contemporary debates about identity, integration, political legitimacy, creativity, and cultural dynamics. Understanding what it meant to be human in the premodern world is essential to understanding our present moment and our future trajectories. Current innovations in humanities research, employing digital tools for preservation, representation, and analysis, require us to return again to the earliest sources of our shared past, in the media and mentalities of the premodern world.

This series provides a space for exploring what it has meant to be human through the ages, using literary, historical, and material sources and by employing innovative, popular, or interdisciplinary approaches. It can explore themes in and across the late-antique, medieval, and early modern periods on:

• Popular life – mundane, everyday, non-elite, vernacular, democratic
• Human emotions – love and hatred, beauty and disgust, etc.
• Human experience; definitions of “humanity” – strife and struggle, self-expression, personal achievement; living in community; survival in “natural” and built / engineered environments

Publications are typically interdisciplinary and "edgy," in the sense of being cutting edge, or crossing disciplinary, geographical, or chronological boundaries.


Proposals or completed projects to be considered for publication should be sent either to Shannon Cunningham. For other inquiries, please consult Theresa Whitaker. Since the scope of the series is so broad, the press identifies evaluators on a case by case basis before any formal commitment is made to the author. Further, all submitted manuscripts are subject to peer review from an independent expert chosen by the press.


The Gawain-Poet and the Fourteenth-Century English Anticlerical Tradition

Ethan Campbell

A fresh contextual reading of the four Middle English "Gawain" poems that situates them within the rich tradition of fourteenth-century English anticlericalism.

Research in Medieval and Early Modern Culture XXI, ISBN 978-1-58044-307-4 (clothbound) © 2018

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Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra, and the Nature of Fame 

Robert A. Logan

A characterological study of the standards of measure and the nature of fame of the renowned figures in "Antony and Cleopatra," juxtaposed to the origins and nature of Shakespeare's fame.

Research in Medieval and Early Modern Culture XX, ISBN 978-158044-319-7 (clothbound) © 2018

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Spenser's Narrative Figuration of Women in "The Faerie Queene"

Judith H. Anderson

This study interrogates the figuration of women within the narrative of Spenser's culturally encyclopedic romance-epic, "The Faerie Queene."

Research in Medieval and Early Modern Culture XIX, ISBN 978-158044-317-3 (clothbound) © 2018

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Medieval London: Collected Papers of Caroline M. Barron

Martha Carlin and Joel Rosenthal 

Caroline Barron is the world's leading authority on the history of medieval London and she has made her impact through a series of major articles revised and updated here.

Research in Medieval and Early Modern Culture XVIII, ISBN 978-158044-256-5 (clothbound) © 2017

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The Disperata, from Medieval Italy to Renaissance France

Gabriella Scarlatta

This study explores how Italian and French poets adopted the "disperata" genre to establish a tradition that both merges with and subverts Petrarchism.

Research in Medieval and Early Modern Culture XVII, ISBN 978-158044-256-5 (clothbound) © 2017

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Art in Spain and Portugal from the Romans to the Early Middle Ages: Routes and Myths

Rose Walker

A reconsideration of Spanish and Portuguese art and architecture from the time of the Romans to the turn of the eleventh century. Challenging earlier overviews, Walker highlights the artistic unities shared by Christians and Muslims that culminated in the later tenth century and went on to inform aspects of Romanesque art.

Research in Medieval and Early Modern Culture XVII, ISBN 978-1-58044-264-0 (clothbound) © 2017

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Vernacular Traditions of Boethius’s “De consolatione philosophiae”

Edited by Noel Harold Kaylor Jr. And Philip Edward Phillips

This collection critically examines translations of Boethius's “Consolatio” not only into English and German but also into Dutch, Italian, Polish, Hebrew, Greek and Korean.

ISBN 978-1-58044-216-9 (clothbound) © 2016

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The Final Book of Giovanni Villani’s New Chronicle

Translated from the Italian by Rala Diakite and Matthew Sneider

The first full translation of the final book of Giovanni Villani's important “Cronica Fiorentina” - includes introduction, annotations and index.

ISBN 978-1-58044-217-6 (clothbound) © 2016

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A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of the Troubadours and Old Occitan Literature

Robert A. Taylor

Taylor provides a definitive survey of the field of Occitan literary studies—from the earliest enigmatic texts to the fifteenth-century works of Occitano-Catalan poet Jordi de Sant Jordi—and treats over two thousand recent books and articles with full annotations. Each listing offers descriptive comments on the scholarly contribution of each source to Occitan literature, with remarks on striking or controversial content, and numerous cross-references that identify complementary studies and differing opinions. Taylor's painstaking attention to detail and broad knowledge of the field ensure that this guide will become the essential resource for Occitan literary studies worldwide.

ISBN 978-1-58044-215-2 (clothbound) © 2015

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ISBN: 978-1-58044-207-7 (paperbound) © 2015

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Demon Possession in Anglo-Saxon England

Peter Dendle

Anglo-Saxon England was a society governed by the competing discourses of illness, spirituality, power, and community. The concepts of demon possession and exorcism, introduced by Christian missionaries, provided a potential outlet for expressing the psychological, biological, and sociopolitical dysfunctions of a society that was at the center of multiple conflicting cultural dimensions. This book is a reexamination of the available sources describing the possessed and a study of the currently recognized medical and psychiatric conditions that may be relevant to and resemble medieval possession.

ISBN 978-1-58044-169-8 (clothbound) © 2014

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Saints at Play: The Performance Features of French Hagiographic Mystery Plays

Vicki L. Hamblin

In the introduction to her study of twenty-eight French nonbiblical hagiographic mystery plays from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Hamblin notes that "this approach is intended to strengthen a comparative analysis of relatively similar texts created within a particular cultural setting."

ISBN 978-1-58044-167-4 (clothbound) © 2012 Buy book from retailer

William Langland, Piers Plowman: A Parallel-Text Edition of the A, B, C and Z Versions

Edited by A.V.C. Schmidt

This work—a parallel-text edition that contains all four versions of Piers Plowman—constitutes a major enterprise of textual scholarship and will provide for students of Langland a modern equivalent to Skeat's standard edition of 1886. This revised and corrected three-volume set is specifically designed to facilitate study of the parallel text (Volume 1) alongside both the textual notes (Volume 2, Part 1) and the commentary/glossary (Volume 2, Part 2), and is intended to make the entire edition available to as many students of Langland as possible.

Volume 1 revises the first edition published by Longman in 1995. The two-part Volume 2 contains in a full and clearly presented form all the material essential for advanced study of a great medieval poem that continues to attract wide and intense interest.

3-volume set, ISBN 978-1-58044-161-2 (paperback set) © 2011 Buy this book

  • 2nd edition of Volume 1: Text (pp. xviii + 764), ISBN 978-1-58044-158-2 (paperback) © 2011
  • Revised edition of Volume 2, Part 1: Introduction and Textual Notes (pp. xiv + 472), ISBN 978-1-58044-159-9 (paperback) © 2011
  • Revised edition of Volume 2, Part 2: Commentary, Bibliography and Indexical Glossary (pp. viii + 476), ISBN 978-1-58044-160-5 (paperback) © 2011
  • Earlier edition of Volume 2, Parts 1 and 2 (pp. xiv + 950), ISBN 978-1-58044-141-4© 2008 out of print

My Wyl and My Wrytyng: Essays on John the Blind Audelay

Edited by Susanna Fein

The essays examine Audelay's biography, his self-representation as the maker of his book, and the specific parts of that book, from the poems and colophons found in "The Counsel of Conscience" to the salutations and carols that follow in the manuscript, concluding with a defense of Audelay's authorship of "Three Dead Kings" and Fein's own study of the multiple endings of the Audelay Manuscript. The scholarly work gathered in this collection allows John the Blind Audelay to take his rightful place among his peers in early fifteenth-century English literature.

ISBN 978-1-58044-135-3 (clothbound) © 2009 Buy this book

ISBN 978-1-58044-136-0 (paperback) © 2009 Buy this book (very limited stock available, after which it will go out of print)

Inventing Latin Heretics: Byzantines and the Filioque in the Ninth Century

Tia M. Kolbaba

Focusing on the ninth-century beginnings of Byzantine writings against the Latin addition of the Filioque to the creed, this book illuminates several aspects of Byzantine thought—their self-definition, their theology, their uniquely constituted state—based both on what they had to say for themselves and on modern approaches to the study of group identity, religious conflict, and sociology of knowledge. The book introduces the concept of heresiology in general, defining terms, summarizing a vast body of secondary scholarship, and bringing the history of Byzantine antiheretical texts down to the ninth century.

ISBN 978-1-58044-133-9 (clothbound) © 2009 Buy book from retailer

Late Medieval England (1377–1485): A Bibliography of Historical Scholarship, 1990–1999

Joel T. Rosenthal

The volume represents the second part of Rosenthal's cataloging of historical scholarship on Ricardian, Lancastrian and Yorkist England, covering categories from political and legal history to social and intellectual history and the arts. As Rosenthal notes in the introduction, its size (1,888 entries for the decade) "hardly gives much support to those who warn us of the imminent demise of the more traditional lines of historical endeavor and inquiry."

ISBN 1-58044-075-4 (clothbound) © 2003 Buy book from retailer

Magister Paulus Niavis: Epistole breues, Epistole mediocres, Epistole longiores

Edited by Rand H. Johnson

During the last two decades of the fifteenth century Paulus Niavis wrote Latin dialogues and letters in the desire to equip students with a sufficient and elegant means of expressing themselves on many aspects of their experiences at the university. For the modern reader the letters witness life and thought at a critical stage of early modern German history.

ISBN 1-879288-51-6 (clothbound) © 1995 Buy book from retailer

Late Medieval England (1377–1485): A Bibliography of Historical Scholarship, 1975–1989

Joel T. Rosenthal

This volume is the first part of Rosenthal’s cataloging of historical scholarship on Ricardian, Lancastrian and Yorkist England, and covers categories from political and legal history to social and intellectual history and the arts. This volume is a must for any scholar of the period.

ISBN 1-879288-16-8 (clothbound) © 1994 Buy this book

Early Prose in France: Contexts of Bilingualism and Authority

Jeanette M.A. Beer

This study of some of the earliest examples of French prose is designed to show that prose as a genre did not suddenly appear in the thirteenth century as a result of "diversification" but "had been, for many centuries before the thirteenth, the medium of the clercs." It had been honed by constant use to all manner of functions whether legal, diplomatic, epistolary or edificatory.

ISBN 1-879288-12-5 (clothbound) © 1992 Buy book from retailer

Anglo-Saxon Textual Illustration: Photographs of Sixteen Manuscripts with Descriptions and Index

Compiled and edited by Thomas H. Ohlgren

Illustrations and major decoration of sixteen Anglo-Saxon manuscripts, fully described and indexed, are reproduced here in 454 photographs, many for the first time. Manuscripts included are: the Athelstan Psalter, the Harley Psalter, the Bury Psalter, the Paris Psalter, the Boulogne Gospels, the Arenberg Gospels, the Trinity Gospels, the Eadui Codex, Pembroke College MS 301, the Bury Gospels, the Judith of Flanders Gospels (Pierpont Morgan MSS 709 and 708), the Monte Casino Gospel Book, the Hereford Gospels, the Psychomachia of Prudentius and the Junius Manuscript.

ISBN 1-879288-10-9 (clothbound) © 1992 Buy this book