Study Fellowship

The Tashjian Study Fellowship provides support for a student who has demonstrated interest in the culture and history of early medieval England or manuscript research and who is enrolled in the Master of Arts in medieval studies program at the Medieval Institute of Western Michigan University.

The recipient of the fellowship might conduct research at a major library, take appropriate courses in a recognized program or pursue an organized plan of study or travel during the summer of any given year. It is not required that recipients earn academic credit while holding the fellowship; it is required that they submit a report within 90 days of their return recounting their activities as a fellow.

To be eligible for the fellowship a student must have successfully completed at least 12 graduate-level credits of coursework in the master's program.


The application deadline for the Tashjian Study Fellowship is March 15 of the year for which the fellowship is sought. Please submit to the director of the Medieval Institute at

  • Copies of any applications to other funding sources.
  • Cover letter.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Itemized budget with justification.
  • Names of two references.
  • Proposal, not to exceed 1000 words, that details plans for the proposed research and/or study and that describes how what is proposed will assist career goals.

Past winners of the study fellowship

  • 2021: no award given
  • 2020: no award given
  • 2019: no award given
  • 2018: no award given
  • 2017: no award given
  • 2016: Julie Polcrack (to participate in the Bamburgh Research Project’s archaeological field school)
  • 2015: Vajra Regan (for manuscript study in Cambridge and Wroclaw)
  • 2014: no award given
  • 2013: no award given
  • 2012: Benjamin Wright (for manuscript study and archival research in Belgium)
  • 2011: Jan Volek (for manuscript study in Prague)
  • 2010: Amanda DesLauriers (for archival research in France)
  • 2009: Arthur Russell (for manuscript study in Oxford and London)
  • 2008: no award given
  • 2007: Louis Shwartz (for manuscript study in Paris)
  • 2006: no award given
  • 2005: James Gregory (for manuscript study in London)
  • 2004: Hilary Fox (for manuscript study in London and travel in England)
  • 2003: Heather Diehl (for manuscript study in London and travel in England)
  • 2002: Laura Reinert (for manuscript study in Cambridge and London)