Degree Programs

While allowing students to pursue specialized interests, the curriculum for the Master of Arts in medieval studies at Western Michigan University is intended to provide students with a broad interdisciplinary background in medieval history, languages, literature and religion. Most courses taken to fulfill the requirements for the M.A. are taught by the institute's affiliated faculty. There is an accelerated graduate degree program available to WMU undergraduates who meet the eligibility requirements and make a timely application.

  • Master of Arts in medieval studies

    M.A. candidates complete four core courses in English, history, Latin literature and religion and choose electives from topical courses in medieval and premodern studies taught by the Institute's affiliated faculty across various disciplines. The program may be tailored to the disciplinary interests of the student. All M.A. candidates qualify in Latin and a second medieval or modern language. For further details, see the Programs of Study for the M.A. in medieval studies.

  • Accelerated graduate degree program in medieval studies

    The Medieval Institute recruits accelerated graduate degree program students from WMU undergraduates minoring in medieval studies who major in subjects such as classics, English, history, religion or other languages. Students apply to this program before the end of their junior year for admission in the following fall to the B.A./M.A. program. For more information about how to apply and the requirements for the accelerated graduate degree program, see the Programs of Study page.